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In More Man News… February 29, 2008

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Tommy Stetson

[Stetson ad via PerezHilton.com]

Perez Hilton reports today that our boy Tom in in talks with Calvin Klein to film UNDERWEAR ads.  Umm, where do we sign for that market research?  And, FYI, you can download wallpapers of his Stetson ads at the Stetson cologne website.  Not that I looked into that or anything…


Leo Likes the C’s!

Leo & Mark

[photo from PopSugar.com]

Leo and Mark Ruffalo take in the Celtics/Cavs game on Wednesday night in Boston.  The Celtics, possibly the best team in the league (IMHO), won.  The pair are in Boston shooting Martin Scorsese’s latest, Shutter Island.

Just a little eye candy for a Friday afternoon.


kimmel responds

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i’m sure by now everyone has seen sarah silvermans i’m f*cking matt damon clip …. perhaps you’ve already seen this one as well, but, i just came across it and it is hysterical!


You too could have been Miss Brooklyn! February 28, 2008

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Turns out you don’t actually have to live in Brooklyn to be crowned Miss Brooklyn!  None of the IAYM crew has dubunked to Brooklyn (yet), but next year we could feasibly enter, and win (well, winning a beauty pageant might be a stretch).

Miss Brooklyn

[photo from BrooklynPaper.com via NYmag.com]

According to NY Mag’s Intelligencer, this year’s winner lives in Manhattan — GASP!  And, the show’s judges knew about it and didn’t really care.

“We only had a few committed girls from Brooklyn,” Kim Thomas, the executive director of the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Program, explained to the paper. “We couldn’t have a contest with only three girls.”

Seriously??  Then, what’s the point?


Yes, I am biased. February 27, 2008

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But, this picture makes me happy:

Papi with Trophy

[photo from Reuters via Boston.com]

Except, what the heck is going on with his hair?? I guess I prefer it frizzy to this slicked back look. Yikes:

Ortiz's Hair

[photo from AP via Boston.com]


Je l’aime! February 25, 2008

Marion Cotillard

This is IAYM’s personal fave look of the Oscar evening — Marion Cotillard in Jean-Paul Gaultier. And, it turned out to be a charmed evening for her, going home with the award for best actress in “La Vie en Rose.”

From USA Today’s recap:

Another extended embrace followed another top award. Best-actress winner Marion Cotillard held onto presenter Forest Whitaker, squeezing him with all of her might. “Merci, merci, merci,” the French actress said when she stopped at the ABC “thank you” camera, where winners can name all of the people they wish without any time restraints.

But Cotillard found she no longer had any words. “I think I can’t talk anymore,” she exclaimed. As she was escorted to the press room by Whitaker, the grinning actor said, “This is huge. It’s magical, isn’t it?”

“It’s crazy,” she said. Whitaker, who won last year for The Last King of Scotland, told her, “It’s meant to be. It’s beautiful.”

What do you think??

[photo by Kevork Djansezian/AP via People.com]


A sight for sore eyes! February 22, 2008

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Globe Photo

A pretty sight in Fort Myers where the Red Sox are at spring training and all have reported (including Manny)!!  Just a nice thought for some of us on a Friday afternoon…

[photo by Jim Davis via BostonGlobe.com]