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Tom & Gisele Rock the Costume Institute Gala May 6, 2008

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Well, since I cued you up to it yesterday, here’s IAYM fave Tom Brady and his girlfriend what’s-her-name at last night’s Costume Institute gala at the Met:

Tom & Gisele

She looks hot in Versace.  But, ladies, how do we feel about the slicked-back-hair look?  I can’t say I’m a fan of this look — he looks like a little kid to me.  A hot little kid… but still.

[image via popsugar.com]


Tom & Gisele… and LOLCats? May 5, 2008

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Apparently, Tom and Gisele are SO cool and SO coveted that even Miss Anna Wintour has arranged for the couple to be seated at her table at this week’s tonight’s Met Costume Institute Gala.

G & T

Well, obviously, we never need an excuse to post a picture of Tom, but I’ve been looking for a reason to talk about Vogue… make the LOLVogue from Jezebel.com. If you think LOLCats is funny — just imagine the same shtick, but with emaciated models in crazy frocks. Here’s an example:


Check out more at Jezebel.com — just search LOLVOGUE!

[Top photo via Boston.com; Bottom shot via Jezebel.com]


Tom Acts Like a Dad! April 17, 2008

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Tom Brady was finally photographed with his son John Edward Thomas Moynahan!!! Maybe he’s not that bad of a guy after all!?!?? A girl can dream…

Tom, Gisele & John

Apparently, Tom & Gisele are spending some time in LA, and that means baby time. Little guy looks pretty cute too!

Oh, and the NFL schedule for next season just came out this week — here’s the Pats’!

[photo via PopSugar.com]


Tom’s Back! March 12, 2008

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[images from WireImage.com via PopSugar.com]

It’s been a little while since our last Tom Brady post… understandably so. He finally climbed out from under the weight of New Englanders’ (including mine) disappointment in him, and made an appearance last night in NYC with Gisele for the opening of the new Ermenegildo Zegna store. Is it weird that Eli was at the party too?? You’d think the EZ PR peeps would have invited one or the other to the party, no? Do you think they spoke to each other??? Here’s how I see that conversation having gone…

ELI: Uh, hi Tom. Thanks for playing like crap in the SuperBowl and giving me back my dignity, saving my coach, handing us the win and allowing me to take home the MVP award.

TOM: [turns and makes out with Gisele]


In More Man News… February 29, 2008

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Tommy Stetson

[Stetson ad via PerezHilton.com]

Perez Hilton reports today that our boy Tom in in talks with Calvin Klein to film UNDERWEAR ads.  Umm, where do we sign for that market research?  And, FYI, you can download wallpapers of his Stetson ads at the Stetson cologne website.  Not that I looked into that or anything…


superbowl champs February 4, 2008

i know this may upset some of my fellow IAYMers (ok, maybe just one of us) but i had to post this ridonculous highlight from last nights game….unreal


The Fug Girls Take on Tom & Eli January 31, 2008

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So, you guys know that YourMom’s a fan of The Fug Girls. Well, lucky for us they also do a little column on New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog. It’s called “New York Fugging City” — how much do you love that??

Tom/Eli Watch Ads

Anyhoo, in light of the little game this weekend, today The Fug Girls take on Eli and Tom. Sadly, they are a bit biased toward the Manning (it is an NYC column after all), but I think it’s clear Tommy is the real winner here. Check out the sass here.

[photos courtesy Citizen Watch and Movado via nymag.com]