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Pam Makes Way for Jim September 5, 2007

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Jenna & JamesPeople.com is reporting that Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, has split from her husband of six years, James Gunn. Sad. Will Jim move in for the kill? Was that a bad joke?Krik

By the by, James Gunn is the less famous brother of Sean Gunn, better know to IAYMers as Kirk from “Gilmore Girls.”


i thought these two were gonna make it September 2, 2007

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i have to say, i am a little surprised by this news…i am not sure why. i really thought these two were gonna make it.


(photo via trent.blogspot.com)


another one bites the dust July 25, 2007

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there has been a dearth of posts lately…so i thought i would bring this to the loyal readers of IAYM. my female co-worker (who we shall call – – – – -) once said that she would break up with her boyfriend for jessica alba….well – – – – -, here’s your chance!


Jessica Alba + Cash Warren = Dunzo

Us Weekly is reporting that Jessica broke up with Cash via phone last week. Read some of the deets here: usmagazine.com  or here: perezhilton.com


Dear God, Let’s hope so July 6, 2007

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Not sure I ever understood who he was or why she was with him.  A mediocre not-very-famous singer with a drug problem?  Who looks like a 15 year old who plays too many video games?  I would rather be irrevocably single.  Oh, wait . . .


Saying Goodbye to Veronica May 21, 2007

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Here are a couple of people who put it better than me…

The Watcher at The Chicago Tribune and A.V. Club.


dunzo May 18, 2007

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051807_jessjohndunzo.jpgvia pinkisthenewblog.com

when is she going to dye her hair back already?


It’s Official – The CW Drops the Ax on Veronica Mars

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It’s bedtime for Veronica. So sad for our little heroine that could. It’s being replaced by the Reaper, which is Kevin Smith’s new joint. (Can I say that?) Which, in turn, stars Bret Harrison, aka “The Valley” version of Seth Cohen, aka Adam Brody’s real life b-fry, aka the guy from “The Loop.” (Or someone that only Your Mom and I have ever heard of.) Which, in turn, means that The Loop’s seasonette this summer will likely be its last. So long to the wacky gang at The Loop; we hardly knew ye.

And a very sad, tearful goodbye to Ms. Mars. We knew ye well and loved ye a whole whole lot, but the CW is not with the love.