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Can’t a sex-happy girl catch a break January 31, 2007

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More gossip about Cliff’s new BFF.  When with the paparazzi give this sweet, young thing a break?  I mean, what’s wrong with a little diddy in front of a movie camera and 100+ crew between friends? 

Rumor control: That ‘Factory Girl’ love scene

Factory_l How come I feel dirty every time I have to write about Sienna Miller? I mean, she seems like a nice lady and a fine actress (she was particularly wonderful in 2005’s underrated Casanova). But with Miller (pictured, in Factory Girl), it just always seems to be about sex, sex, sex. This even though, as she made clear to EW last fall, she’s ready to be taken seriously as more than just Jude Law’s on-again-off-again fiancée. And you have to respect that.

Which makes today’s rumor, that Miller and her Factory Girl costar Hayden Christensen weren’t pretending when they shot a sex scene for their film, particularly unsettling—especially because it reeks of having been planted by a hyperactive PR machine trying to drum up interest in the Edie Sedgwick biopic, which opens in very limited release on Friday. (Wouldn’t put it past the wascally Weinsteins, you know. I’m just sayin’.) My goodness, what a way to improve an actress’ reputation! As it turns out, Hayden probably didn’t hold Sienna like he did by the lake on Naboo, says TMZ, whose report quotes Sienna’s rep as denying the rumor.

But I wonder: Would this salacious tidbit really encourage you to see Factory Girl, or would it have the opposite effect? I mean, I suppose when I heard that Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis may have actually gotten it on in Wild Orchid, I got interested in that film. But, good Lord, I was 14 at the time. The jury may be out on me, but everybody else has grown up since then, right? Right?


This is just funny

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Limoncello – Everyone else is doing it

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We have all heard about Danny Devito’s rant induced by everyone’s favorite chilled Italian lemon liquor.  But now Avril is saying the elixir inspired her song writing.  (Query: good thing or bad?)  What is up with the rash of Limoncello drinking all of a sudden?  I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I was drinking the stuff YEARS ago. 

But why does everyone insist on drinking it to excess?  At the height of my Limoncello drinking days, I could only ever handle a few small glasses of it, sipped slowly.  Plus, I can’t imagine what kind of hangover it would induce. 

If anyone wants to find out, I got two bottles of the stuff chilling in the fridge at Casa Vanarah (which is infinitely more catchy than Apartamento Saradana or Place d’ Balavis or Chez Davichandar).

Or we could just ask this guy how much he yakked the next day.

[Update – Answer: you puke a lot]



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after my little hiatus from posting, ellen brought an iaym.com worthy article from the ny post to my attention…trav048gram.jpg

January 30, 2007 — Even Ian Schrager knew that Ian Schrager was stuck in a rut, joined at the hip as he was to designer Philippe Starck.

And when the man behind minimalism in hotels wanted to make a fresh start, he ran as far away as possible from his former ideas, straight in to the arms of artist Julian Schnabel, who never met an outrageous design idea he didn’t like. The result? This smoky, sultry remake that’s easily the most interesting hotel to open here in a long while.

While the transition from hotel-as-nightclub to hotel-with-nightclub (you’ve got to admit, all idiotic door policies aside, the Rose Bar is tempting) hasn’t been all smooth sailing on calm seas, we are pretty shocked at how grown-up and (gasp!) helpful Schrager’s team are.

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Simon LeBon was pretty January 30, 2007

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At the bar on Saturday night, they were playing the bestest music ever until they played “Let Me Clear My Throat,” at which point the whole evening took a precipitous turn for the worse (music-wise at least).  But thanks to the initially good music, Maura and I got in a spirited discussion about the video for Duran Duran’s “Rio.”  I think the “Hungry Like a Wolf” video was so ingrained on my psyche that I think every Duran Duran video has Simon LeBon in a pith helmet.  Sadly, it is not so.  (And it is a fedora, not a pith helmet. )

Below are the two videos so you can compare, contrast, and discuss.  And sigh, they don’t make ’em like they used to.


The Best News Since O.J.’s book didn’t come out…

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America shows some class.  It would rather mock overweight teens with special needs than watch LaToya Jackson get tazered.  In the end, I guess it’s a win for Team Morality.

 CBS puts cuffs on ‘Armed & Famous’

[I had more of the story up and a groddy pic, but I decided I didn’t want that on our precious site]


IAYM is in a posting frenzy! Somebody stop me! January 29, 2007

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I actually think this woman has done my nails before.  Maybe it has something to do with my lack of nutrition.