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It’s a Great Day in Boston!!!! July 31, 2007

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At least one-fifth of Your Mom is psyched tonight after learning of not one, but two, MONSTER trades that went down in Boston earlier today. We got one of the NBA’s best players (in exchange for half our roster, but whatever) and one of MLB’s premiere relievers.


(photo via Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

The Celtics might actually be relevant again in ’07-’08, which is a HUGE accomplishment for a team that has dwelled at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference for the last 15 years (okay, so we had three playoff seasons during that time, but COME ON). And, thanks to the freaking great combo of Ainge & McHale on this one!


(AP photo)

And, the Sox are totally on track for the post-season. I like the way things are going!

p.s. seeing that smile on Paul Pierce’s face just makes me happy — it’s like a crazy weight has been lifted off him and he doesn’t have to carry this team on his back alone anymore. i mean the kid was stabbed for goodness sake!!


Cell Phones: Also Useful for Freebird or appendectomies

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Fun story from Reuters.  Hey, if cell phones worked for Keane in Central Park, it works for me.  Though remind me to avoid having emergency surgery in Argentina.  That trip to the hospital in Chile for the dires was quite enough South American healthcare for one lifetime. 

Cell phones light up operating room during blackout
Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:05 PM ET

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – The light from the cell phone screens allowed surgeons to complete an emergency appendix operation during a blackout in a city in central Argentina, reports said on Saturday.

Leonardo Molina, 29, was on the operating table on July 21, when the power went out in the Policlinico Juan D. Peron, the main hospital in Villa Mercedes, a small city in San Luis province.

“The generator, which should have been working correctly, didn’t work,” a hospital spokesman, whose name was not given, told TN television news station.

“The surgeons and anesthetists were in the dark… A family member got some cell phones together from people in the hallway and took them in to provide light,” he said.

Ricardo Molina, 39, Leonardo’s brother, told La Nacion newspaper that the lights were out for an hour and his brother’s anesthesia was wearing off.

Hospital Director Dario Maurer told La Nacion the surgery was without light a maximum of 20 minutes.


IAYM does weddings

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Over the weekend, IAYM celebrated the wedding of loyal IAYM readers Maura (also a regular commentator) and Derek.  Here are pics of the happy couple and the happy IAYM revelers.  Note that after looking at these pictures, Garlic is going on a diet.  untitled2.jpg



jorts: to wear or not to wear? that is the question.

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over the weekend, the bloggers at IAYM had some conversation regarding one IAYMers decision to wear jorts…while the verdict is still out on jorts and whether we deem them acceptable, the word makes me laugh and it sure was fun making fun of said IAYMer all weekend…cliff came across a website that he thought would bring much joy to the IAYM bloggers, and i think it’s only fair to share this website with the readers of IAYM as well:





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Word from Comic-Con is that Joss and the Beeb are planning a Giles spinoff TV movie!!!  “Ripper” will tell the story of Giles back in London after having left Sunnydale.  Sweet.


Sad News out of SF July 30, 2007

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Bill Walsh

Former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh died earlier today after a long bout with leukemia.  As Cliff constantly reminds us, Walsh’s 49ers won three SuperBowls.  Of course, they won five total, the latter two being under George Seifert.


Death beats Ingmar Bergman

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Famed director Ingmar Bergman died today.  He made a lot of great movies that I have never seen.  And one great movie that I actually have seen, The Seventh Seal.  It’s your basic rag tag group makes a journey across a desolate Swedish countryside whilst the main character plays a deadly game of chess with the Grim Reaper.  Deep, bizarro stuff.  See the clip below to meet a great film maker you’ve heard of, but likely never seen.