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Enquiring minds wanted to know… November 29, 2006

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In case you were wondering Bland and Blander are still together, thank you.  From ew.com.

154116__bachelor_lYep, they’re still together. Well, at least that was the not terribly effusive word from Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson during a teleconference this afternoon discussing their experiences on the just-concluded season of The Bachelor: Rome, and what’s become of them since filming wrapped on September 22.

“We’re still very happy and we’re definitely together,” said Jen, “but we’re just kind of trying to figure things out, and really grow into a relationship now.” Of course, they’ll have to nurture that growth from afar; eighth-grade teacher Jen said she’ll stay in the Miami area at least long enough to finish out the school year, while Lorenzo has no plans to move from his New York City base. Yet if Jen has any fears that Lorenzo’s female fans will pursue him during the couple’s long-distance courtship, she’s keeping them to herself. “I have total confidence in him that everything will be fine,” she said. “And if not, I’m sure it’ll get written about so I’ll find out that way.” Alrighty, then!

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Fun free services for your cell phone … November 28, 2006

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Read a very helpful article in the NY Times on free services you can access from your cell phone.  My favorites:

FREE DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE Call 800-FREE-411 (800-373-3411) instead of 411. A computer or human being looks up a number for you at no charge, once you’ve listened to a 20-second ad.

FREE ANSWERS Google’s 46645 text-messaging service can fetch phone numbers as well as the weather report (in the body, type, for example, “weather sacramento”), stock quotes (“amzn”), where a movie is showing nearby (type “flushed away 44120”), what a word means (“define schadenfreude”), driving directions (“miami fl to 60609”), unit conversions (“liters in 5 gallons”), currency conversions (“25 usd in euros”), and so on.

FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS You can now call any of 50 countries from the United States, free. Talk as long as you like. You pay only for a call to the access number in Iowa, which is 712-858-8883

FREE VOICE MAIL YouMail, in beta testing, is dissatisfied with traditional voice mail. Its solution, though, is a complete surgical replacement of your carrier’s voice mail system. When you sign up at youmail.com, you’re instructed to reprogram your cellphone by typing in a series of codes. When it’s over, YouMail is your voice-mail service — not your cell carrier.  Big benefit of this is you can create different voicemail messages depending on the person.  You can even create a message for people you don’t want to talk to.  This might come in very handy for me in getting rid of a certain stalker…


HIMYM November 27, 2006

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I totally thought last week’s HIMYM’s Robin Sparkle was a little too over the top, even for Canada, until ew.com turned me on to this little gem.  Yes, that’s Joey screwing things up with Alanis Morissette.



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So kids, what do we think?  Did Yang spill the beans to the Chief because she couldn’t bear to keep the secret anymore?  Or was she upset with Burke for kicking her out of surgery?

My favorite theory is that she was scared of the monster that she had created.  She saw something in his eyes when he was in that surgery, that he wasn’t going to stop doing surgeries until he killed someone. 

Anyone think Burke deserved a little heads up?


One More Sign of Armageddon . . .

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And just a really bad commercial


Another Sign of Armageddon

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And lo, the tired, saggy punk rocker will lie with the bad music producer and maketh music to disturbeth the young… 

I hope this is a parody of Love Actually’s Bill Nighy character which is a parody of this.  Art imitating life imitating Billy Idol selling his soul. 


a name that is longer than mine November 23, 2006

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heidi klum and seal are parents of a new baby boy!


he has 16 first names :

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel