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Deliciously unnecessary or Unnecessarily delicious? June 16, 2010

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Question 1: Do we need this?

Question 2: Where have you been all my life?

Photo of Pretzel M&M'S® candies


The Haystack Needle January 22, 2009

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IAYM’s darling friend Jen just launched a lovely new blog, The Haystack Needle.  Covering all things home — stationery, organization, art, food, crafts etc etc — THN definitely gets a spot on our blogroll!  Congrats Jen!!


If you have an extra $400 in your pocket… May 9, 2008

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… and you find yourself in Chicago, do yourself a favor and try to get into Alinea for dinner.  Grant Achatz’s “molecular gastronomical” restaurant does not disappoint.  That $400ish will get you a 24-course “tasting” menu, plus wine pairings.  That may sound like a lot, but no fear — some dishes are only one bite!

Grant Achatz

This week’s The New Yorker has a great profile of the man behind Alinea, Achatz, and his recent bout with tongue cancer which threatened to leave him without his sense of taste.  Quel horreur for a chef!  Anyway, luckily he is currently cancer-free.  The story, and his determination to find an alternative treatment to surgery, are fascinating!  Definitely worth the twenty-or-so minutes you’ll need to read this sucker.


I think I need a pair of these. April 2, 2008

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What better way to curb the afternoon snack craving than… a pair of blue sunglasses??


TreeHugger reports that a Japanese company, Yumetai, has produced sunglasses that curb one’s appetite.  Not only do they make food look gross, the color blue affects the brain’s appetite center.  Huh.  Who knew?

Where do I get me a pair??

[::Inventorspot via ::Andrew Sullivan via TreeHugger]


Stuff White People Like March 10, 2008


I think I’m a little late to the game on this one… it was covered by DailyCandy before I left on vacay.  But, the new blog, “Stuff White People Like,” covered my dearly departed fave show, “The Wire,” this week.  Their full list includes topics such as art degrees, Sarah Silverman, kitchen gadgets, Manhattan (whoop!), expensive sandwiches and another 80-some-odd topics.



A New Twist on the Wine Glass February 7, 2008

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U+ Wine Glasses

Just spied these tri-pod wine glasses ($105 for 4) from Umbra’s U+ collection in the new March issue of Bon Appetit (love the re-design btw), and I just think they are so cute, and genius. Delicate, but not twee. It’s so refreshing to see a completely new spin on such a classic design. LOVE. But, sadly, I have too many wine glasses in my cabinets already. These go on the wish list.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. December 12, 2007

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News from the Post’s Page Six is that Paris Hilton is promoting a new line of canned Prosecco in Berlin.

Paris Prosecco

[photo from Page Six via YumSugar]

While, I’m a fan of Prosecco, this seems to me, um, a little dirty.  Kinda like that Trump water.  Ew.  I’ll stick to my canned sparkling wine from Sofia Coppola.