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Lost his pants, now his shirt (harharhar) October 31, 2007

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So the saga of the lost pants continues.  For all of you who didn’t hear this story (i.e., non lawyers), an administrative judge sued his cleaners for $54 million for losing his pants.  Seriously.  As the Washington Post explained: “Pearson waged a legal battle against Custom Cleaners, alleging that the shop on Bladensburg Road NE lost a pair of pants he brought in for $10.50 worth of alterations. Pearson sued the owners, Soo Chungand her family, and lost when a D.C. Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Chungs.”

To add deserved insult to merited injury, he was shitcanned from his administrative judgeship this week.  See the story below.  My vote is that his ridiculous lawsuit may have influenced the panels decision, despite their protestations to the contrary.  Abovethelaw.com suggested an excellent next career: “A reality television show, in which Judge Pearson files dubious lawsuits and sees if any of them go anywhere”

Judge Who Lost Pant Suit Loses Job

By Keith L. Alexander

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 31, 2007; Page B04

Roy L. Pearson Jr., the administrative law judge who lost his $54 million lawsuit against a Northeast Washington dry cleaner, lost his job yesterday and was ordered to vacate his office, sources said.

Pearson, 57, who had served as a judge for two years, was up for a 10-year term at the Office of Administrative Hearings, but a judicial committee last week voted against reappointing him.

Roy L. Pearson Jr. lost a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner.

Roy L. Pearson Jr. lost a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner. (Jacquelyn Martin – AP)

The panel had a seven-page letter hand-delivered to Pearson about 3:30 p.m., directing him to leave his office by 5 p.m. Pearson’s term ended in May, at the height of his battle with the dry cleaners. Since then, he has remained on the payroll, making $100,000 a year as an attorney adviser.

A source familiar with the committee’s meetings said Pearson’s lawsuit played little role in the decision not to reappoint him.

Instead, the committee said it had reviewed Pearson’s judicial decisions and audiotapes of proceedings over which he had presided and found he did not demonstrate “appropriate judgment and judicial temperament,” according a source who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case.

Sources said Pearson also was criticized for displaying a “combative” nature with supervisors and colleagues and for failing to comply with policies in drafting opinions. (more…)


I am Freaanch. You peepel are not impurtant…

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So I am going to guess that, during this guy’s administration, the French people are not going to become less arrogant.  Just a guess.  And what “big job” does this guy have to do that he can’t be interviewed for 20 minutes.  First, it’s France.  Second, it’s been around for like 2000 years.  I think an hour without a president won’t ruin things.  The Eiffel Tower will have still too many blinking lights.  The crowd at the Mona Lisa will still be overwhelming.  And the wait staff will still be dismissive. 

From ew.com:

French president storms out of 60 Minutesinterview
France’s new president Nicolas Sarkozy ended a 60 Minutesinterview, conducted in Paris, aimed at introducing him to U.S. audiences, calling it ”stupid” and a ”big mistake” and refusing to answer questions about his wife. ”I don’t have the time. I have a big job to do, I have a schedule,” Sarkozy said through a translator before the interview even began. In English, he added: ”Very busy. Very busy.” The interview aired Sunday (Oct. 28).


Try not to think about what might have been . . .

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. . . Though that is hard to do now that I have seen the mini-pilot for the never-to-be 4th season of Veronica Mars, the one which skips ahead 4+ years to see Veronica as a new FBI agent.  It is, in a word, a little slice of heaven.  Better than any of the new shows this year.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 parts and they are strangely edited.  But Veronica’s bon mots shine through.  The “old” boyfriend Seth seems like a pale, cheap imitation of Logan, but the smarter-than-Veronica (is it possible?) partner looks like a guy who could finally be worthy of our girl. 


Sweep Tom Brady’s Leg?? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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(via Deadspin.com)

P.S. watch out for the nod to Clinton


Making Women’s bodies safe for network TV … one catchphrase at a time October 30, 2007

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Remember how we laughed and laughed when Dr. Bailey said Va-jay-jay on Grey’s?  It was even memorialized in the hallowed megabytes of IAYM.  Who knew we were part of a linguistic movement that is sweeping the nation?  That is making some feminists turn over in their, umm, well they’re not dead yet, but it makes them real, real mad.  I personally think that the word is absolutely inoffensive in the feminist way and even kind of helpful.  I mean, vagina is so clinical sounding (and only hits certain parts — and not the good ones).  As the guy from Talk Soup says, “Vajayjay is like your good buddy.”  Then there is the linguistic doctor dude who thinks Va-jay-jay sounds “like a little cartoon character with eyes that walks around.”  Only cause you don’t have one, mister, only cause you don’t have one. 

October 28, 2007

What Did You Call It?

THIS is the story of how a silly-sounding word reached the ear of a powerful television producer, and in only seconds of air time, expanded the vocabularies — for better or worse — of legions of women.

It began on Feb. 12, 2006, when viewers of the ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” heard the character Miranda Bailey, a pregnant doctor who had gone into labor, admonish a male intern, “Stop looking at my vajayjay.”

The line sprang from an executive producer’s need to mollify standards and practices executives who wanted the script to include fewer mentions of the word vagina.

The scene, however, had the unintended effect of catapulting vajayjay (also written va-jay-jay) into mainstream speech. Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” expressed their approval of the word on message boards and blogs.

The show’s most noted fan, Oprah Winfrey, began using it on her show, effectively legitimizing it for some 46 million American viewers each week.

“I think vajayjay is a nice word, don’t you?” she asked her audience.

Vajayjay found its way into electronic dictionaries like Urban Dictionary, Word Spy and Merriam-Webster’s Open Dictionary. It was uttered on the television series “30 Rock.” It was used on the Web site of “The Tyra Banks Show.” Jimmy Kimmel said it in a monologue. It has appeared in the Web publications Salon and the Huffington Post and on the blog Wonkette.

“The Soup,” which highlights wacky television and celebrity moments on E! Entertainment Television, broadcast bits called “Oprah’s Va-jay-jay.” One featured a clip from “The Oprah Winfrey Show” at the Miraval resort in Tucson in which Ms. Winfrey, attached to a wire and wearing a harness around the lower half of her body, swings through the air and announces, “My vajayjay is paining me.” A YouTube video set the clip to electronic music, with Ms. Winfrey as an unwitting M.C.

The swift adoption of vajayjay is not simply about pop culture’s ability to embrace new slang. Neologisms are always percolating. What this really demonstrates, say some linguists, is that there was a vacuum in popular discourse, a need for a word for female genitalia that is not clinical, crude, coy, misogynistic or descriptive of a vagina from a man’s point of view. (more…)


Just a Little Celebratory Papelbon Fun… October 29, 2007

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[courtesy Boston Globe]

I thought I’d never see one championship in my life, let alone two. A girl could get used to this. Congrats to the Sox!!!! Can’t wait to see Manny, Big Papi, Pedroia, Youk, Papelbon, Jacoby, Dice-K, Beckett — hopefully MVP Mike Lowell — and all the others back again in spring training!