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NKOTB is BACK!! March 31, 2008

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Does this picture bring back bad memories of shredded jeans, black hats and bad Boston accents? Yes — well, brace yourselves — NKOTB are reuniting and making their first appearance on the Today Show this Friday.

To take a page from Weekend Update… Really Donnie? Aren’t you a legitimate actor now? I really liked Boomtown. A  live performance?? Really? Reuniting with your less famous friends? Really?!?!?!??

[image via gocontinental.com]


who is this cute little boy? March 30, 2008

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funny you should ask…its william michael atkinson, and yes, he is really cute. he was born on march 28, 2008 (coincidentally the same date as his aunt sarah) to proud parents jen and cliff….




Due Date-Palooza March 26, 2008

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In honor of the due date of two of IAYM’s dearest friends, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a baby-themed post. So, here’s a look at some of my fave latest baby-friendly things…

Concept baby walker by Wonjune Song [via ohdeedoh.com]


Fauna gorilla baby onesie [via designpublic.com]

Fauna onesie


DwellStudio Zoo collection

DwellStudio for Target Zoo bedding collection [via Target.com]


How Creepy Slash Great is this??

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Check out designer Mark Beam’s spine lamp:

Spine Lamp

Your vote??  Creepy or great? Or both!?!?

[via Design-Milk.com]


Do you miss Buffy? March 21, 2008

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A few of us IAYMers were Buffy fans.  Some of us have even been to the Buffy singalong.  So, it’s lovely to see the cast reunited in pics from the PaleyFest in LA.


[photo from WireImage via BuzzSugar.com]

Check out BuzzSugar for the full scoop, including which show terrified Joss Whedon more — the musical or “Hush”, and who talks in real life just like their character.  Does anyone care about these things anymore??


JORTS! March 18, 2008

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Kate Bosworth in jorts!

[photo from calvinklein.com via Jezebel.com]

Mine are MUCH cuter than these!


did anyone else know he was gay? March 17, 2008

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not that there’s anything wrong with being gay….seriously though, i had no idea!


R.E.M. have a new album coming out. The boys old men grace the cover of the new issue of Spin magazine, and frontman Michael Stipe spends some time talking about his own coming out.

On His Sexuality:
“It was super complicated for me in the ’80s. I was totally open with the band and my family and my friends and certainly the people I was sleeping with. I thought it was pretty obvious.”

Going public was a little easier when he realized it might inspire people to change their views about homosexuality:
“I didn’t always see that. But I see now, of course that’s the case, of course that’s needed. I’d just never felt strongly enough about a particular relationship to say, ‘Yeah, he’s my boyfriend, that is what it is.’ Now I recognize that to have public figures be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere out there.”

On his songwriting:
“There are songs I wrote in the past that were gender-specific. ‘7 Chinese Brothers’ was about me breaking up a couple—and then dating both of them, a man and a woman, which is a terrible thing to do, but I was young and stupid….At the time I was writing about what I knew, and what I knew was myself. I found out I’m not that kind of writer. I think I’m better when I write about things that are not me.”

(via perezhilton.com)