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Johnny Weir is a Real Man February 25, 2010

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Even more amazing than his skating performance is his press conference talking about comments made by some Québécois sports commentators questioning Weir’s gender.   http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/02/25/johnny-weir-olympics-gender-example/#more-54641

I think the real lesson from all of this is that Canucks can’t be trusted.  Wait, what?  That’s not the lesson?  Oh, right, tolerance.  That too.


I Miss Me Some Arrested Development September 6, 2007

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Michael BluthThe new movie, Juno, bowing at the Toronto Film Festival next week, could potentially be hyped as an “Arrested Development” reunion — it stars both Jason Bateman AND Michael Cera (if you don’t know who he is, run, don’t walk, to your nearest cineplex and see Superbad)!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it is — Michael and George Michael Bluth do not appear in any scenes together.   damn.George Michael

But, read how Bateman gushes about Cera (thus the man love):

“We don’t have any scenes together,” shrugged Bateman, who played Cera’s father on the beloved-but-canceled TV show. “But I made sure I was on the set a few times to watch him do his scenes because I miss watching him do what he does. He’s so talented, and he does such a good job in this movie.”

So cute. My purchase of the AD DVDs is long overdue. Once my summer of debt is over, and there’s a lull in new fall shows, I’m planning an AD marathon.


I knew I hated that guy… July 16, 2007

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Torre Sheffield

Is Joe Torre really racist??

Here’s what Gary Sheffield told Andrea Kremer on HBO’s “Real Sports“:

“I know when I was there, the couple of blacks that were there, every one of them had an issue with the organization. They had an issue with Joe Torre. They weren’t treated like everybody else. I got called out in a couple of meetings that I thought were unfair.”

Just another reason to loathe the Yankees.


Oliver! June 28, 2007

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First of all, I’m speechless. This is seriously the WORST commercial ever. But, second of all, I want to know why my parents didn’t get me a Red Sox one! I definitely would have set up mock game scenarios with my best friend’s Mets one… Dwight Evans hitting against Ron Darling?? Oh yeah!

(via Deadspin via You Been Blinded)


more man love from cleveland June 4, 2007

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(via deadspin.com)


LeBron Loves Boobie.

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lebron boobie

(photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images via NBA.com)

Your Mom is rooting for the CAVS in the Finals!!

Edited to add that only 1/5 of Your Mom is officially rooting for the Cavs in the Finals.  It’s due to her previous stint living in the ‘burbs of Cleveland.  Granted she was about 2 years old, but she has no ties to San Antonio and is still bitter that the C’s didn’t get to draft Tim Duncan.  Go Boobie!


Ouch. June 1, 2007

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According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Greg Oden and Bill Russellare going to appear on a Topps card together!  Are they trying to make Celtics fans suffer???  Probably.

Do you think these two belong in the same photo??

oden bill russell

(Oden’s photo via Log’sBlog, Russell’s photo via Wikipedia)

Not so much, IMHO.