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Oh, they went there… June 23, 2010

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If you thought the Lady Shake Weight was dirty, just wait until you see the Shake Weight for Men ad.  Just like the commercial says, “The more you shake, the more intense and, ahem, challenging your, ahem, workout.”

I can’t wait to see the SNL spoof of this one.


Deliciously unnecessary or Unnecessarily delicious? June 16, 2010

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Question 1: Do we need this?

Question 2: Where have you been all my life?

Photo of Pretzel M&M'S® candies


Summer of Games June 15, 2010

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It has been declared (by some) (me?) as the summer of games. I love games — love competing, love coming up with strategies & love winning! Your Mom’s friends will confirm. Anyway, I’m hoping to round up some friends for a true game night one of these days. And, since I recently learned how to play backgammon (thanks SD & MF!), I’d really like to buy this:

It’s embroidered!!

Love me some Jonathan Adler (and his adorable BF Simon Doonan), but possibly, at $295, it’s a touch impractical?


Whhhaaat? Whhhoa! June 13, 2010

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I really just don’t have the words to discuss the below news.  [It may have something to do with World-Cup-related day drinking.]  One thing to add:  The made-for-TV-movie, My Fake Fiance — starring MJH and Joey “Whoa” Lawrence — was … umm … not that terrible.  I mean it was less stupid than, for example, Leap Year.  And the lighting in the former was way more flattering to MJH than the lighting was on the obviously-more-attractive Amy Adams, so …  yeah, not sure what conclusion to draw from all this.  [So clearly, I always have more than one thing to add.]

From ew.com:

Actor | RolesClass | Individual | Joey Lawrence | Melissa Joan Hart


ABC Family, Aug. 17, Tuesdays, 8 p.m.

Gen-X nostalgia alert! Sabrina the Teenage Witch‘s Melissa Joan Hart and Blossom‘s Joey Lawrence, both 34, return to their sitcom roots on Melissa & Joey. She’s a party girl–turned–local politician, he’s the bankrupt financial adviser who moves in to help her care for her sister’s kids. In a word: Whoa! —JA


More on World Cup Fever June 12, 2010

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If you haven’t seen the whole 3-minute Nike commercial, stop what you are doing and do it now.


Beat England – Again!

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Your Mom is getting ready for a raucous afternoon watching USA/England at No. 8E. It would be even better if we all had these tees:

Sweet Tee

GO USA!!!!!


Summer TV: What Your Mom Will Be Watching When There’s Nothing to Watch June 11, 2010

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Lost is over for good.  Glee just ended for the summer.  And all my other network shows are done.  So what do you watch when there’s nothing to watch?  Your Mom is here to help.  Aside from catching up on shows I missed through Netflix (my list includes Tru Blood, Breaking Bad and the Showtime line-up of Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and United States of Tara), there are some non-terrible shows to keep you entertained during the summer.


1)  Justified

So, technically, this show’s season just wrapped up, but I’ll be none of you watched it.  Which is a real shame, because it is real good.  Timothy Oliphant as a modern, more sarcastic, only-slightly-less-tortured version of his Sheriff Seth Bullock from Deadwood?  Yes, please.

Timothy’s character Raylan is a trigger-happy US Marshall who is sent back to his home state of Kentucky, kicking and screaming, after shooting a drug dealer at what may or may not have been the Delano Hotel in Miami.  Lots of bourbon drinking and sultry crime fighting ensue.  [Query: whether the crime is sultry or the fighting of the crime is sultry.  Answer: yes.]  It also has bad-ass opening credits, with some sort of dirty Southern rap song that totally sets the mood.  You can catch the 2nd half of the season on Hulu now, but hopefully they will reshow the whole thing on FX throughout the summer.


2) Royal Pains

Mark-FeuersteinThis show tops my “Non-Terrible Summer Shows” List.  Yes, it is a pretty stupid premise: Manhattan doctor lets a powerful hospital trustee die, is blackballed, and is forced to become a concierge doctor in the Hamptons.  And it reaches MacGyver-levels of unreality.  “Come quick, Doctor: I have been exposed to mercury poisoning and, somehow relatedly, am being crushed by a panic-room door.”  “Come quick, Doctor: I am a super-rich woman on a remote island with no cell-phone service and am going into labor at the same time that my grounds-keeper is septic because of a broken leg.”  But don’t poo-poo it too quickly; it’s non-stupid summer fun and quite entertaining.  Plus, it gets the rare DJ Seal of Approval. And I think Mark Feuerstein is dreamy.


3) Burn Notice

BURNING HOT The fourth season of Burn Notice stays true to the show\'s formula, which combines old-school action with new-school... | Burn NoticeThis is at the top of my “Cable Shows That Look Stupid But Are Really Great.”  I have always liked this show that adroitly balances cheeky spy action with dark spy action.  Michael Weston is a burned spy who will stop at almost nothing to get back into the spy game (dark spy action).  In the meantime, he helps Miamians in need with the various imbroglios  they have gotten themselves into using his years as a spy to help him out (cheeky spy action).  Four reasons to watch the show:

  • Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar are ridiculously attractive and have crazy chemistry;
  • Lots of stuff gets blown up and/or shot at;
  • Miami has never looked better; and
  • Bruce Campbell.


4)  Leverage

This show would probably go on my list of “Ok, It’s Kinda Dumb, But Lighten Up, It’s The Summer And This Show Is Fun.”  Timothy Hutton leads a rag tag bunch of con artists including Lindsey from Angel, who still needs to cut his hair; the arrogant New Orleans quarterback who almost took the lead spot from Saracen before Coach Taylor sees the error of his ways on Friday Night Lights; the slutty one from the British Coupling; and Pilot Inspektor’s mom.  It’s the most fun you’ve had watching criminals solve crimes since Remington Steele.


5) Remington Steele!

Why not!  Thee first three seasons are on Hulu, and it’s even better than you remember.  I still want to be Laura Holt when I grow up.  Her hat collection would be the envy of every hipster this side of the Hudson.