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A New Supergroup … With No One You’ve Ever Heard Of February 19, 2009

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According to Billboard.com, there’s a new band that exists on earth called Tinted Windows featuring former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, handsome Hanson brother Taylor, and Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger.

Thanks to D for bringing this tidbit from pitchforkmedia.com to my attention.  How does something like this happen?  Were they all at the same bar or something?  Is Taylor Hanson old enough to drink?  And, most importantly: Yes, but will they have a super-cool, cooler-than-you chick bassist?  I am free … (though I don’t actually know how to play … and I am not super-cool … and they have a bassist …).

In related news, I searched Google for any news on the alleged Flaming Lips /Aaron Sorkin Broadway musical, Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots.  There have been no new posts since we first reported it, so I think this may become another missed chance like the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script.


everyone loves the beatles July 6, 2008

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even small korean babies. this is the cutest/funniest video i have seen in a long time…please watch this!


did anyone else know he was gay? March 17, 2008

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not that there’s anything wrong with being gay….seriously though, i had no idea!


R.E.M. have a new album coming out. The boys old men grace the cover of the new issue of Spin magazine, and frontman Michael Stipe spends some time talking about his own coming out.

On His Sexuality:
“It was super complicated for me in the ’80s. I was totally open with the band and my family and my friends and certainly the people I was sleeping with. I thought it was pretty obvious.”

Going public was a little easier when he realized it might inspire people to change their views about homosexuality:
“I didn’t always see that. But I see now, of course that’s the case, of course that’s needed. I’d just never felt strongly enough about a particular relationship to say, ‘Yeah, he’s my boyfriend, that is what it is.’ Now I recognize that to have public figures be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere out there.”

On his songwriting:
“There are songs I wrote in the past that were gender-specific. ‘7 Chinese Brothers’ was about me breaking up a couple—and then dating both of them, a man and a woman, which is a terrible thing to do, but I was young and stupid….At the time I was writing about what I knew, and what I knew was myself. I found out I’m not that kind of writer. I think I’m better when I write about things that are not me.”

(via perezhilton.com)


Shaq Sings Cheers February 11, 2008

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Saw this in the Sports Guy’s column, who credits it to Tom M. in Houston.  Thanks Tom.  Thought our NBA fan out there would like it…


worst/best music video of all time February 4, 2008

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i am so embarassed for her!


what. February 2, 2008

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Bill Cosby Working on Rap Album
bill-cosby.jpgBill Cosby – a staunch critic of some rap music – is set to release a Hip-Hop album called State of Emergency, which will be a sanitized, issue-oriented CD.

Sources told AllHipHop.com that the actor, comedian and philanthropist will address issues like proper parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, Black-on-Black crime and the dropout rate in America’s high schools.

In 2004, Cosby said in a speech, “Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day, it’s cursing and calling each other [the N-word] as they’re walking up and down the street. They think they’re hip. They can’t read. They can’t write. They’re laughing and giggling, and they’re going nowhere.”

Cosby’s album will not contain any profane language, nor will it offer any denigrating comments towards women.

State of Emergency would be the 35th album for the legendary comedian, actor, who released his first album Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow in 1963.

Whether or not Cosby will work with rappers on his lyrical flow or his musical selection was not known at press time.


Indie Band takes over prime time TV October 3, 2007

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Quick, what do at least 5 new newtwork prime time shows have in common?  If you said British actors playing Americans, well, you might be right.  But they also have all used a poppy little ditty called “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn & John.  So far, I have heard this for tracking shots of New York (Dirty Sexy Money and Gossip Girl) and San Francisco (Journeyman).  It was on a commercial (Big Bang Theory).  And, according to Bellabaise, it was on Big Shots.  I am pretty sure I heard it on at least one other show, but at this point it’s all a blur.  So, IAYM, bonus points for anyone who can find this song on other shows.