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Another one bites the dust… January 30, 2009

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Just received an email today from the editors at Domino Magazine…they are closing the mag! It was one of my faves and I had JUST signed up for a subscription in November. SERIOUSLY??!!

Now that I’m over being sad about it…Can I get my money back? All you lawyers out there – comments please.


Sperminated – again! January 29, 2009

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pregnant – again! Where are they going to put these kids and do they make enough cash to keep living in the city? For real?

Seems that she announced the happy news this morning on The View.

This will be the third child for Hasselbeck and her “football player” husband, Tim. The couple are the parents of 3-year-old Grace Elisabeth and 15-month-old Taylor Thomas.

Hasselbeck is due in August, she said. How does she do it???


Nike Goes to the Movies January 23, 2009

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Nike, not the official outfitter of the NBA, is trying keep up its basketball cred by going to the movies.  They just released a new set of kicks inspired by classic basketball flicks — TEEN WOLF being one of them.  And, yes, this sneaker sports fur.  Please see below:

Not that it matters, but the top shoe is inspired by Hoosiers, and the middle one by White Men Can’t Jump.  For all of you closet werewolves — or just those that aspire to be — these are for you!  More awsome furry pics after the jump…

[The Slanch Report via Racked.com]



The Haystack Needle January 22, 2009

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IAYM’s darling friend Jen just launched a lovely new blog, The Haystack Needle.  Covering all things home — stationery, organization, art, food, crafts etc etc — THN definitely gets a spot on our blogroll!  Congrats Jen!!


Your Mom’s Back January 21, 2009

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After much clamoring for the return of IAYM, we are trying to resurrect Your Mom.  So you can again keep up with all the cultural zeitgeist in one place . . . or at least the zeitgeist as we see it.  There may be some new contributors, as some FOYM (Friends of Your Mom) have recently gotten sh*&canned and have some time on their hands.  But, remember, this a two-way street: we need your comments to let us know that y’all are keeping up with us.

Much Love,

Your Mom


Obama’s Burger Habits January 20, 2009

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I’d just like SD to know that Obama likes his burgers medium-well also.  So there!


In Not Inauguration News…

Scifiwire.com (yes, it is an occasional read — DON”T JUDGE) has news today of talks of a Dr. Horrible sequel!  For any of you that have not seen the genius three-part series from the mind of Joss Whedon, and starring the incomparable (and two-first-named) Neil Patrick Harris, I suggest you get your butts over to Hulu.com to watch.  NPH, singing, Nathan Fillion, special effects… what more could a fangirl ask for??