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Baby! June 11, 2010

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Celtics forward Glen Davis was particularly fired up after one play in the fourth quarter. Davis was the player of the game with 18 points, most of which came during the Celtics' 36-27 run in the fourth. ABC sideline reporter Doris Burke spoke with Davis immediately after the game. “Just will, determination,” Davis said regarding the Celtics strong rebounding performance. “You know they’re long, you just gotta go out there and put a body on somebody and make sure they don’t touch the ball. I’m proud of our guys today. We played great, man. I just want to give all thanks to God.”

The Sweet, Sweet Scals.  I’ll bet you wish you had some of our pork now, buddy!

Before the game, Celtics backup Brian Scalabrine (right) was joined by NBA superfan Jim Goldstein, a flamboyant LA resident who attends more than 100 NBA games a year.


2 Responses to “Baby!”

  1. iamyourmom Says:

    Who’s the scary man with Scals? Also, Baby is a beast (apologies to Perk)!!!!

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