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Britney’s new song August 31, 2007

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Okay, it’s good.  But does it make up for Panty-gate and all the other terrible things I have read about in the past 3 years?  Does it make up for Chaotic?  Unlikely.



And that’s three. August 30, 2007

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(AP photo via Boston.com)

So we got swept. B.F.D. We still have the best record in baseball. And, according to the Sports Guy (ne BSG at Digital City), we’re living in a new Red Sox Nation – where losing to the Yanks doesn’t shake us so bad.  Right?  Right???


British People are crazy . . . August 29, 2007

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. . . Kate Moss chief among them.  Dude, she’s back together with Pete Doherty.  Whywhywhywhy? She clearly has a death wish.  Or perhaps an Edward Scissorhands fetish. 

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty                                          

And here’s another British-themed gem from the NY Daily News:

[A]t London’s Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, Lily Allen pushed reggae-mon Bobby Kray off the stage after wrestling the mike away from him. He retaliated by hurling a pint of Guinness at her.



Stupid is as Stupid does. And, boy, does this girl do stupid. August 28, 2007

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Have you kids seen this?  I feel a little bad for this girl.  I mean, she is just a teen, after all.  How can she be expected to, you know, answer questions about, like, stuff?  Liz and I had just agreed not to post the sad, sad news re: Owen Wilson because we shouldn’t revel OPLCs (“Other People’s Life Crises”).  And then I see this girl’s life crisis — right there, live, in front of A.J. Slater — and I couldn’t resist sharing it with the IAYM-verse.  [Are we a “-verse”?  Maybe a “-berg”?  “-pod”??]


The Rat Race Just Got Really, Really, Really Expensive

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Liz brought my attention to this WSJ article, which mentions a certain place that is close to me.  As in, I am sitting here right now and will be until the wee hours of the morning.  Oddly, this was not on the “brag” section of our internal website, which normally cites every single mention we get in the press.  But there is no such thing as bad press.  And everyone thinks lawyers deserve this much money.  Right?  Hello?  Is this thing on? 

Lawyers Gear Up Grand New Fees

Hourly Rates Increasingly Hit $1,000,
Breaching a Level Once Seen as Taboo

August 22, 2007; Page B1

[Thousand-Dollar Man]The hourly rates of the country’s top lawyers are increasingly coming with something new — a comma.

A few attorneys crossed into $1,000-per-hour billing before this year, but recent moves to the four-figure mark in New York, which sets trends for legal markets around the country, are seen as a significant turning point.

On Sept. 1, New York’s Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP will raise its top rate to more than $1,000 from $950. Firm partner Barry Ostrager, a litigator, says he will be one of the firm’s thousand-dollar billers, along with private-equity specialist Richard Beattie and antitrust lawyer Kevin Arquit. The top biller at New York’s Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP hit $1,000 per hour earlier this year. At Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, also of New York, bankruptcy attorney Brad Scheler, now at $995 per hour, will likely soon charge $1,000. (more…)


I am so glad I’m not Famous August 25, 2007

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Does OK! Magazine hate Jennifer Aniston?  Not only is the girl one of the most famous dumpees in all of Hollywood history, but she has to suffer through magazine covers like this one at least every other month.  I mean, she’s beautiful and rich and seems relatively nice, so why go picking on her?

Which leads me to the point . . . Thank God I am not famous.  I can only imagine the horrible headlines. 

Sarah’s Goes Solo On Beach Trip With Newlywed Friends

No Man for Her: Sarah Travels With Mom . . . Again!

Sarah Stops Calling Another Guy After One Date . . . Again!

Sarah Gets Fatter, Goes From Garlic To Eggplant

Sarah Dateless At Another Wedding


Kids these days August 23, 2007

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I always get a little annoyed when I hear how “rough” kids have it these days because there is so much “pressure” on them to do well.  Whatevs (I thought).  These kids have it easy.  Parents at their beck and call, internet, video games, cell phones.  It’s a virtual kid’s paradise these days.  [I can say all this since it is now scientifically proven that I am almost an Old Woman.]  I mean, remember back in the day when your mom said, “I’m picking you up at 3:45” and even if you were done at 1:30 or wanted to stay until 5, you had to meet her at 3:45 because there was no way to get in touch with her.  I mean, how did we manage? 

Well, my view has totally changed in the last few days.  First, there is the news that CBS’s reality show Kid Nation is now facing charges of child endangerment.  Here’s what happens when kids stop being cared for by their parents and start getting real.  As in real burnt by grease while cooking for themselves, really rushed to the hospital after drinking bleach, and really working 14 hour days.  (FYI, lesson to new parents: kids are dumb.  Ex. 1: They will leave bleach in an “unmarked soda bottle.”  Ex. 2: At least four of them will drink it.  How do suppose that went: “Eww, gross.  This burns a lot going down.  Taste it.”)

But, hey, those kids deserve it, right?  I mean, they are stupid enough to have parents stupid enough to sign them up for a reality show that takes places in New Mexico in the summer where there will be no adults.  Then, I got pictures of my nephew going off to his first day of school.  No hidden reality cameras here (aside from my sister’s).  No irresponsible parent signing waivers.  No bleach.  But if this pic isn’t a sign that the poor kid has a tough road ahead of him, I don’t know what is. 

Updated:  My sister requested that I clarify that my nephew had “school supplies for the whole year” in the backpack (as well as all his hopes and dreams — hey, there must be room for those in there too).  No confirmation yet about whether he will be carrying a smaller backpack for the rest of his first grade year.  Or whether there is a good pediatric chiropractor in his town. 

Further Update and Clarification from my sister: “Um, that IS a ‘smaller backpack’!  Have you looked in the school supplies area in Target lately?  They’re all ENORMOUS.  Take heart, however:  [he] carries a pocket folder with a few pieces of paper, a t-shirt for fitness, and perhaps a notebook, small book, or show-and-tell item in his backpack each day.  Hardly a cause for a chiropractic appointment.  Not to mention that they’re quacks.”

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