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If You Can’t Beat Them, Give a Rip June 3, 2010

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The political operative types in my office are shocked, aghast and agog, that Internet favorite Dale Peterson did not win the Republican primary for Alabama’s Department of Agriculture.  They think his Aggro-Agro thing is political genius.  I, personally, don’t give a rip.  I guess the people of Alabama don’t like the idea of their Agricultural Commissioner being a national jok–, ahem, viral internet sensation.


But, since I have already seen and/or heard this video and its spoof at least 3 dozen times in the last week, I may as well post it here.


[Insert “Old Dog, New Trick” Joke Here] February 11, 2009

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At 10-years-old, Stump becomes the oldest pooch to win Westminster's top prize. (AP)

Congrats to Stump, the Sussex Spaniel who was Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club tonight.  It was the first Sussex Spaniel and the oldest dog to win the big prize at 10 years old.  And my favorite.  He beat out the Scottish Terrier, who peed on his way into the MSG floor (oops); the scary looking Scottish Deerhound, who I am pretty sure will haunt my dreams; the favored silly toy dog (sorry, toy lovers, they are all dumb); and the much hated (by my viewing audience of 2) Standard Poodle.  If you loved Davidson in last year’s NCAA basketball tourney, you would love Stump.  He took five years off the dog show circuit recuperating from an unmentioned (or unmentionable?) illness.   And look at that cutey-patoot dumb dog face.  Love. 

Why, you ask, do I know this?  Cause I watched it.  Two nights of it.  Two nights full of Mary Carilloisms, such as “My dogs often outwit me.”  No eating of scorpions though, which disappointed me.  I am not a dog person, but I can tell you that 15 minutes of the dog show had more entertainment value that the entire episode of Heroes that D made me watch. 

So, get on with your middle-aged self, Stump.  Enjoy your 17 silver bowls and ridiculously large ribbon.

Eds. note: Is this really the 2nd time we have posted about the WKC show winner?  Strange, considering none of us have dogs.  And no love for the 2008 winner, Uno the beagle?  We IAYMers are a fickle bunch. 


Obama’s Burger Habits January 20, 2009

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I’d just like SD to know that Obama likes his burgers medium-well also.  So there!


Top 5 Inauguration Moments – Al Roker Hearts Obama

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I am looking for a video link of this, which has to be one of the best parts of the day.  Love that Al Roker got giddy after getting a shout out from Obama.

Here is the Jossip version — “Al Roker Shouts at Obama From Sidelines, Calls It First Inaugural Interview: Seriously, that just happened. Obama said, ‘It’s warm,’ to a screeching Roker, and that, my friends, is the first ‘official’ press statement Obama has made in his presidency.”

And some other blog — “For anybody watching NBC, the biggest drama has been surrounding whether or not NBC’s Al Roker would score the first interview with President Barack Obama.  He did.  Sort of.  Al was screaming on top of his lungs and got Obama to tell him ‘It’s warm.’  Well done Al.”

Here’s a bad version.  I am still looking for a better one:


Your Mom Goes Inaugural

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Your Mom was part of history — freezing her ass off — to welcome our new president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Much positive stuff to report: lots of respecting, empowering, and including.  But first, a little whining.

To all DC people in charge of getting people into the inauguration standing area: Aaaaaah, you suck!  Don’t go around saying everyone with a ticket got in. Don’t lie.  Your Mom is watching.  I had a purple gate ticket.  I didn’t get in!  Nor did my closest 2 or 3 thousand purple friends.  And by closest, I mean people who were standing so close to me I may now be pregnant.   Smiling Mama, whoever she is, is testifying too.  (I am pretty sure she was standing near me because I was the only one yelling “Fired Up! Ready to Go!”)

So here was my Inauguration moment: Hours and hours of standing around, followed by 10 minutes of running towards where we thought the gates were.  More standing around.  We kept moving forward, but I am pretty sure that was just people desperately pushing forward.  New-York-subway-on-the-way-to-a-Yankees-game crowded became Rome-bus-being-molested-by-a-pervert crowded.  Which then became can’t touch the ground crowded.  People kept chanting “Let Us In!” and, strangely,  “Purple! Purple!”  Then there was the former hippie livin’ the dream pulling out all the hippie songs: Hammer and Nail, This Land is Your Land, We Shall Overcome.  Totally lacked irony.  Finally, after we realized the gates had closed and we weren’t getting in, people stood around, smooshed and stunned, for a few minutes.  Suddenly, we heard shots fired.  Wha?  First, they don’t let us in and now they are shooting at us?  No, turns out we were right by the canons firing the 21 gun salute.  But let me tell you, you do not want to be in the middle of a frantic crowd when the bombs start falling.  Fortunately, calm prevailed.  But people still stood stock still until I and others started shouting “The gates are closed!  Please disperse!  Disperse!”  People spread out a little.  And then people started calling their friends who had gotten inside and put the speech on speaker phone.  We all huddled around in little groups listening to the speech, heads down, tears in our eyes.  Even though it wasn’t what we expected, it was still kind of magical.

Pictures to follow.  Mine are mostly of Crowd Purple.  And the dude on whose cell phone we listened to the speech.  And Lannie’s pics of the jumbotron from the Blue area.


What About The Chickens! September 16, 2008

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In the flurry of devastating news about Wall Street, weather disasters, and gun-toting hockey-mom politician, I think we all forgot the true victims of all these catastrophies: free-range urban poultry.  “We’re all struggling through these hard times, and the chickens are struggling to survive, too.”

September 16, 2008

Pecking, but No Order, on Streets of East Harlem



Why did the chicken cross 125th Street? That’s what some East Harlem residents are trying to figure out. A bunch of chickens and a big white turkey appeared near the corner of 125th Street and Second Avenue last week and began pecking in traffic.

The chickens were loosely gathered in a vacant lot next to a gas station on the northwest corner, but they roamed the gas station on Thursday and strayed all over the sidewalk and the street. They darted into traffic and amused passers-by and people waiting at a nearby bus stop.

“You see a new group every so often,” said Monique Dudley, a Department of Education employee who watched the chickens as she waited for a bus and began taking photographs of the chickens with her phone. “I have to send my friends pictures or else they would never believe we have chickens on 125th Street.”

Don Newcomb, a construction worker renovating a building across the street from the lot, said that “some guy” keeps dumping chickens in the area.

“This crazy guy keeps buying them from the market — some animal-rights guy, but I think he’s messed up in the head — and he keeps leaving them here,” Mr. Newcomb said. “He thinks he’s saving them, but it’s not like they’re safe around here. Somebody told me the hawks swoop down on them, too. Eventually, the health department comes, or whatever, the A.S.P.C.A., and they pick them up.”

“They run out in the road,” he said. “I’ve already seen two of them get run over. It’s a shame, because they’re cool chickens.”

The city’s Center for Animal Care and Control has been repeatedly called to the 125th Street spot, said Richard P. Gentles, a spokesman for the group. In the summer of 2007, he said, its officials recovered 25 chickens and a turkey from the area. On Aug. 20, they recovered 13 chickens, he said, which were taken to farms. Complaints about stray chickens are not uncommon in New York, he said. He said that strays usually came from poultry markets in the area.

The agency recovered 354 chickens in 2007, he said, and 425 rabbits and 396 raccoons. The most rescued animals in the city, however, are turtles — 754 of them in 2007.

Joseph Pentangelo, assistant director for humane law enforcement at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said his agency had responded twice to complaints about chickens in the area.

“It’s illegal to keep a rooster in the city, but chickens are not illegal,” he said. “Abandoning any animal is a crime, and chickens can’t really fend for themselves in an urban environment.”

An animal care official said that a note was left on a nearby fence. “Please do not bother the animals,” it read.

The note continued: “I removed them from the chicken market and they are sickly and unfit to eat. Please provide them with food and water if you think they need it.”

A phone number was listed. The man who answered that line said that he was Alex LaForte, 38, and that he had been feeding and caring for the chickens for almost two years. He said he had kept them in a henhouse in the vacant lot, but it was taken down.

Mr. LaForte, who said he had no job and was staying with friends and relatives in East Harlem, said he picked up castoff food from supermarkets and fed it to the chickens each night.

Asked about the note, Mr. LaForte denied having released the chickens. He said: “I don’t know who’s putting them out there, probably some rescue group, but whoever it is is saving them from suffering. I’ve seen the way they’re mistreated and made to suffer in those slaughterhouses.”

“We’re all struggling through these hard times, and the chickens are struggling to survive, too,” he said. “They find freedom on the city streets, and once they find freedom, they can eat and survive, rather than be put in a pen or slaughtered and eaten. I’m a struggler, and I try to help others struggling. If I feed them, they’ll survive.”


They Hate Puns! June 16, 2008

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So, this is the “The BC” video I was telling you about.  And, by ‘you’ I mean my friends.  For those that don’t know “The BC” was an online series created by two BC students a couple of years back.  While they were putting together new episodes they filmed some promos — one of which prominently features Tim Russert, and his son Luke.  Also, my hated statistics professor makes a cameo at the end.  Damn, I loathed that class.

Check out the video with appearances by BC basketball players, Jesuits and the two main characters from “The BC”…

p.s. one of the guys that created “The BC” went on to further internet fame by creating the 7-minute Sopanos video.