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Slanket v. Snuggie — The Debate Rages February 19, 2009

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So even before we saw the ubiquitous, freaky (and freakily ubiquitous) Snuggie commercial, our book club friend had told us of the Slanket Phenomenon.  That she had tried to buy one for her boyfriend for Christmas 07, but it was on back order until April.   [She  gets three Fingers-On-The-Pulse points from Your Mom.]  So clearly, the Slanket is the original and is, even more clearly, way more up market.  First, it costs more than twice as much.  Second, it isn’t advertised during FX’s DVD on TV presentation of John Tucker Must Die, as the Snuggie was.  [How do I know that, you ask?  Don’t worry about it.]

So what is a stylish NYCer* to do at the upcoming Snuggie Pub Crawl?  And does this conflict with a post-ironic hipster’s actions**?  From the Gothamist:


Snuggie Pub Crawl Will Warm (Or Creep Out) Your Drunken Heart

021909snuggie2.jpgThe Snuggie™—that adawable bwanket with sweeves that’s basically a hoodless monk’s cowl with a trademark—has inspired all sorts of reactions, from snickering to wanting, with its instant-classic commercial. (“Blankets are okay but they can slip and slide. And when you need to reach for something, your hands are trapped inside!”) With the Snuggie™, your hands are free to work a remote control, massage your lover’s feet, or pound Jäger in public. New York’s FIRST Snuggie Pub Crawl is in the works, and already over 50 Snuggie™ enthusiasts have signed up! The date is still T.B.D., but the vision of a mob of pseudo-ironic drunks stumbling around in their creepy Snuggies™ makes the ritual orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut seem somehow comforting by comparison. And while we don’t want to contemplate what a drunken Snuggie™ hook-up would look like, now we can’t help ourselves! [Via AntiKris, whose step-mother is sewing her a Snuggie for the occasion.]


Now, we should first should note that, much like the Snuggie itself, the NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl is not an original idea.  There is one in Chicago that apparently predates ours because a) it has 450+ participants and b) has a set date.  

At any rate, and to restate, what is one to do?  Clearly, the hipster goes for the Snuggie, cause it has way more comic value.  The scene in the commercial where the whole family stands up at the big game all wearing Snuggies is the hipster humor equivalent of Helen of Troy: it launched a thousand snarky comments.  But the stylish NYCer doesn’t want any old “As Seen On TV” knock off; she goes for the original.  So what if you are a stylish hipster?  Does such a thing exist?  Or do hipsters, by definition, have to shower less often (As we learned in Brooklyn, dirty is the new hip), which might interfere with one being considered stylish.  Thoughts?  

* This does not presume that I am a stylish NYCer; it merely asks the question of what one such person might do.

** See above note and apply.


One Response to “Slanket v. Snuggie — The Debate Rages”

  1. coffee Says:

    the Snuggie is my excuse to dress like a pink Jedi

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