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Happy Baseball Season! April 4, 2008

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This post may be a couple days late, but my Sox (red) are off to a great start, despite the around-the-world trip to start the season in Japan. They are 3-1 after knocking around the A’s on two different continents. Beckett comes back this Sunday, and all (well, most — Schilling is still out) is right with the Nation.

I came across this great map (from a Niketown store??)…

Baseball Nation

[via StrangeMaps blog via Pret a Voyager]


5 Responses to “Happy Baseball Season!”

  1. Lannie Says:

    awesome find! i love it. would make such a cool poster. i went to the original site. they suggested it’s in SF niketown. i’ll have to check it out and report back.

  2. your mom Says:

    i find it ironic that you cut off the red sox!

  3. Lannie Says:

    you can download a desktop/screensaver or order a tshirt at:


    i called Niketown SF to see if there were posters. They thought they had seen some being “shipped out” but took my number to investigate further.

  4. […] baseball map! May 10, 2008 Filed under: Sports — your mom @ 7:24 pm the map that was previously posted has been revised…see […]

  5. namaste girl Says:

    The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

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