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The Tom Brady Man-Crush Song January 18, 2008

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Lucky, I’m not a dude, so I don’t have to qualify my love for Tom Brady (… if I were a guy…). I can just flat out pine for him and his thus-far perfect season. I’m also lucky he’s my (as in my favorite team’s) QB. Not so for this guy:

(YouTube via BostonSportz.com)


2 Responses to “The Tom Brady Man-Crush Song”

  1. mg Says:

    I like the part about how “Tom Brady invented the iphone and can get you a wii”! He’s the best.

  2. I am a Patriots fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I really liked your blog with the Patriots mentioned item. I grew up watching Steve Grogan and Stanley Morgan.
    I try to follow as much NFL news as I can with the internet.

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