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Why do I watch ANTM? Oh, right, for awesome moments like this . . . November 26, 2007

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Sometimes I wonder why I still watch, obsessively even, America’s Next Top Model.  Especially considering that “Gabologist” Tyra Banks should be tried for crimes against humanity.  Long after I have stopped watching all other shows where talentless nitwits fighting for a shot at 15 minutes of near fame, a chance to be on another, more embarrassing reality show, followed by marriage to a former teen star, I keep getting sucked into ANTM.  Maybe it’s Jay (as in Mr., not Miss, who should be imprisoned on a boat with no communication with the outside world like 19th century British prisoners).  Maybe it’s the pictures, which are usually pretty awesome.   

I was just reminded of one reason though:  I read an entry of EW’s PopWatch blog saying that Twiggy has been replaced by Paulina Pzwskwrkeiwwski as the “former model who isn’t Tyra” ANTM judge.  Which didn’t excite me nearly as much as the link to a YouTube video of the Stupidest Contestant on ANTM Ever.  Perhaps the stupidest reality show contestant ever.  And this is a category that include Trishelle and every person on Temptation Island.  Anywhos, below is the excellent video.  I mean, animals die just like people, riiight?


One Response to “Why do I watch ANTM? Oh, right, for awesome moments like this . . .”

  1. iamyourmom Says:

    wow. what happened in that girl’s childhood? maybe her pet died of natural causes.

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