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A Belated Halloween Treat November 2, 2007

Filed under: Television and Movies — davissn30 @ 11:09 am

Tracy_lThis is why 30 Rock is hot.  Did any of you catch the hilarious, 5-second throw-away joke on an episode two weeks ago about how Tracy Jordan had a minor hit with “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”?  The short snippet, in turn, became a minor internet sensation (or as much of a sensation as a show that is watched by dozens can engender).  Even the NY Times wrote about it!  So much so that NBC finally put the whole song on their website, albeit with one of the lamest “videos” this side of TRL (is that even still on?  did I just date myself?).  Basically, the “video” is two different pictures shown over and over again at different angles.  Way to put in the effort NBC.  But it’s all worth it to hear about how it got “spooky, scary” and Temple Beth Emanuel. 


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