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Try not to think about what might have been . . . October 31, 2007

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. . . Though that is hard to do now that I have seen the mini-pilot for the never-to-be 4th season of Veronica Mars, the one which skips ahead 4+ years to see Veronica as a new FBI agent.  It is, in a word, a little slice of heaven.  Better than any of the new shows this year.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 parts and they are strangely edited.  But Veronica’s bon mots shine through.  The “old” boyfriend Seth seems like a pale, cheap imitation of Logan, but the smarter-than-Veronica (is it possible?) partner looks like a guy who could finally be worthy of our girl. 


2 Responses to “Try not to think about what might have been . . .”

  1. iamyourmom Says:

    partner guy is adam kaufman, NCHS alum!! he also guested in a season one ep as a possibly abusive bf to the girl next door.

  2. fan Says:

    couldn´t agree more. when I saw season three for the first time I was so pissed up when she didn´nt end up with logan. when I saw it again (finished yesterday) i totaly fell for the future of vm. i think they would be the best couple ever.

    sorry for my english. a big swedish fan of vm

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