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The Priest and the New York Times October 26, 2007

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I am taking a poll here, kids.  How many of you think that Father Leahy, president of Boston College, actually commented on the New York Times football blog.  The “blessing” and the talk of praying is convincing, but I somehow just don’t see the Jesuits as big bloggers.  Or big users of all caps.  Oh, yeah, and his name is misspelled. 

Obviously, the critics of BC’s comeback win over VT weren’t watching the game very closely. Apparently, they didn’t see the TYPHOON that the game was played in. How does anyone expect a young quarterback to excel in that kind of weather? Matt Ryan didn’t need the prayers of BC’s Jesuit faculty to win this game. He just did what he always does; persevere until the end. That’s what won this game; perseverance, not dumb luck.

Now on to a 12-0 season and a BCS championship game with the next pretender to BC’s rightful place in the college football hierarchy; #1.

Bless you.

Fr. Leahy

— Posted by Father Laehy


One Response to “The Priest and the New York Times”

  1. iamyourmom Says:

    no way it’s him.

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