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More on Romowood? Or is it Underomo? October 18, 2007

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According to both parties, Underwood and Romo were never dating.  I guess Tom is not the only NFL quaterback who needs to focus all his attention on the game and not his game.  So, now more information on these two than I ever really wanted to know. 

Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo: Passing Fancy?

The ”American Idol” winner tells EW what put the brakes on her budding romance with the quarterback of America’s Team

By Dave Karger

The private Carrie Underwood, suddenly spilling all about her love life with NFL quarterback Tony Romo? Not so fast: Though Underwood seemed to be enjoying a blossoming relationship with the Dallas Cowboy earlier this year — he was her date to the ACM Awards and each flew to the other’s side for their respective birthdays — she swears they were never a couple. ”At one point it seemed like that’s where it was headed,” she says, ”but point blank, he is about football. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not quite his type or whatever, but I don’t think he’s at the point in his life where he would be willing to sacrifice football. He hated so much that people thought that he was paying more attention to me and that was causing him to not do well.” (Could she be talking about the fumble last January that helped cost his team a playoff win?) For his part, Romo tells Sports Illustrated, ”I’ve been lucky to get to know her. We’re friends.” Either way, Underwood continues to be a Dallas cheerleader: ”The Cowboys are still my favorite team — no matter what happens with us.”


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