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India Wins! September 25, 2007

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Apparently, cricket — and South Asians in marketing?? — is gaining popularity in the US.  Why else would the New York Times be writing about it??  The Indian team recently defeated Pakistan, which I guess was a big deal:

“The young and the restless,” is how Rajdeep Sardesai, the son of a professional cricketer and editor in chief of CNN-IBN, a news channel, described the new face of Indian cricket. One of its gifts to the nation, he and other cricket watchers say, is to present, for the first time, a powerfully athletic presence on the pitch. Athleticism has never been associated with Indian cricket, nor with Indians in general, and that has been a chip on the shoulder of Indian manhood.


Think of Twenty20 as cricket on Red Bull. Or as the historian Mukul Kesavan put it, “kamikaze cricket.”

Kamikaze cricket” sounds kinda fun.  And, these young Indians speak a language called Hinglish (it even has its own Wiki!!).  Will Hinglish catch on in America?  Will the younguns start to play cricket on the playgrounds?  Some say South Asians are taking over the world… IAYM isn’t sure were quite there yet, but we’ll admit it’s a trend to watch.


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