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Nifty New Product for TV- and Food-aholics September 13, 2007

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I love that a product has been designed for my own personal slovenly eating and living habits.  And that there is a name for what I am: couch eater.  It kinda validates my whole existence, or at least my noctural eating habits.  The tray even has a vase for flowers, so that I can not have any in there and remind myself that I am single and not the kind of person who remembers to do easy things that would make life more pleasant, like buying flowers, or eating somewhere other than in front of the TV, or not remembering that someone in the building got 3 dozen pink roses last night which looked really pretty. 

Couch Eaters of the World unite and take over!  Or just sit there and watch TV.   

From NYTimes.com:

Before creating Urban Picnic, above, a table setting intended to be used without a table, Kelly Simpson, a product designer at Dansk, interviewed friends and co-workers about their eating habits. She found a preponderance of couch eaters, and also many who sat on the floor in front of the television and used the coffee table as a dining table. (Those with real dining tables, she said, “had them turned always toward the TV.”) Ms. Simpson is a confirmed couch eater herself. View Larger ImageThough there is a kitchen table in her apartment, she rarely uses it. “I like to put a pillow on my knees and the tray on top of that,” she said. She also likes to use the bowl, top left, by itself for cereal. At five inches, it fits in the palm of her hand. (The vessel just below the bowl is a bud vase; salt and pepper shakers sit on the opposite corner of the 18 ½-by-9 1/4 inch tray.) Urban Picnic is $40 at dansk.com. PENELOPE GREEN


2 Responses to “Nifty New Product for TV- and Food-aholics”

  1. paperseedblog Says:

    This is so nice. I want one!

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