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Stupid is as Stupid does. And, boy, does this girl do stupid. August 28, 2007

Filed under: signs of the apocalypse — davissn30 @ 6:51 pm

Have you kids seen this?  I feel a little bad for this girl.  I mean, she is just a teen, after all.  How can she be expected to, you know, answer questions about, like, stuff?  Liz and I had just agreed not to post the sad, sad news re: Owen Wilson because we shouldn’t revel OPLCs (“Other People’s Life Crises”).  And then I see this girl’s life crisis — right there, live, in front of A.J. Slater — and I couldn’t resist sharing it with the IAYM-verse.  [Are we a “-verse”?  Maybe a “-berg”?  “-pod”??]


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