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Brush with semi-Unemployment Averted! August 20, 2007

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Rumors (previously reported by IAYM) that Lost — always an excellent source for great flashback costars (more Nathan Fillon and Julie Bowen, please) — was in talks with our favorite former teenage sleuth have been replaced by news that she has joined the cast of Heroes.  I, frankly, am happy to have Kristen in anything, be it the voice of the titular Gossip Girl or a bit part on Heroes.  So don’t look so worried, Kristen.  The CW yesterday, world domination tomorrow!  Thanks again to iamanonymous, who clearly only reads this blog for the Kirsten Bell related stories. 

Kristen Bell joins Heroes
The star of the canceled cult fave Veronica Mars will costar on NBC’s superhero hit starting this October, playing Elle, a mysterious woman who has ties to Peter, H.R.G., and Claire. The casting is considered a big win for Heroes and its network, considering Bell had been pursued by other shows (including, reportedly, ABC’s Lost). The actress also has a couple film projects in the works, including the title role in the Judd Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Variety)


2 Responses to “Brush with semi-Unemployment Averted!”

  1. iamanonymous Says:

    that is so not true. i also read it for your impressive amanda bynes coverage and pictures from weddings that your mom attends.

  2. Adriana Says:

    OK this is TRUEE… i searched up on google and its all over the place soo i doubt that they will lie and im soo excited cause i love heroes && i was really sad when veronica mars got canelled.. then i got excited again cause i found out she was going to be on gossip girl.. and thats the only reason i’d watch that show but this is even better because shes actully going to be playing a part not just her voice like in gossip girls… can’t wait for OCT…. only a month away…. kirsten bell ❤

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