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I can’t believe Your Mom* missed this August 10, 2007

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Via Michael Ausiello from TV Guide, Wednesday August 8.  Thanks to IAYM reader iamanonymous for bringing this tidbit to our attention. 

Kristen Bell by Just Loomis/The CW

Question: Have you spoken to Darlton about having Kristen Bell on Lost? If you pull this off, I swear (and you have this in writing, with AA witnesses) that I will send you one case of Diet Raspberry Snapple for every episode of Lost that Kristen appears on. Hope you’re up for the challenge!— Erin

Ausiello: You better get busy clipping them there Snapple coupons, Erin. And while you’re at it, slap on a pair of Depends, ’cause this is the kind of exclusive casting prattle that causes mass piddling: I can tell you for a fact that Kristen’s name has been brought up with regard to the new role of Charlotte, the hot twentysomething who is said to be “precocious, loquacious and funny… a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world.” Yep, sounds like our Kristen! The only question now is whether my in-demand BFF is ready to jump back into another series. And, if so, will the financial toll wrought by all those Snapple purchases force Erin to declare bankruptcy? Please, God, let the answer be “Yes!” to all of the above!

*In this instance “Your Mom” refers Liz (who is the resident TV blogosphere expert) and to the website as a whole (but really that would just be the three posters — we know who we are) (but really really that would just refer to Liz and me since we are the only ones who would care).


3 Responses to “I can’t believe Your Mom* missed this”

  1. Allycat Says:

    Hey Kristen Bell fans….check her out in “50 Pills” http://www.fiftypills.com – a college age flick that is directed by New Canaan’s own Theo Avgerinos. It was entertaining and goes well with cocktails.

  2. Allycat Says:

    WAIT! Don’t click on that link…it’s wrong…www.fiftypillsmovie.com Sorry about the inadvertant link to a porn site.

  3. iamanonymous Says:

    you’re welcome!

    i saw fifty pills at tribeca film festival last year — i love me some kristen bell, but maybe i just hadn’t had enough cocktails to enjoy it fully.

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