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One Degree of Harry Potter August 8, 2007

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Yesterday, when I went to Amazon to make sure I knew how to spell Cormac McCarthy’s name so our book club members can order The Road for the next meeting, I noticed that 6% of people who had looked at The Road went on to buy the new Harry Potter book.  I found that quite odd considering that one is a Pulitzer-Prize winning piece of “Serious Literature”, while the other is, well, Harry Potter.  So I decided to poke around Amazon to see other books that other people didn’t buy because they had to find out Harry’s fate.  David Sedaris?  Check.  Jane Eyre?  Check.  Dante’s Inferno?  Seriously?  Check.  One Hundred Years of Solitude in the original Spanish?  Por supuesto.  The Bible?  Awesome.  I guess the Pope was right to fear the pagan draw of a good fantasy story.  Interestingly, no one chose Harry over another British lad, Tom Jones, an 18th century novel by Henry Fielding; but a quick look at what other books people bought instead of Tom Jones lead right back to Harry Potter.

 In fact, the only book I couldn’t find a Potter link for was Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.  I guess philosophy types aren’t interested in a good read.  Which is why I am not friends with any of them. 



One Response to “One Degree of Harry Potter”

  1. bellabaise Says:

    Busy times at work huh, SD? 🙂

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