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It’s a Great Day in Boston!!!! July 31, 2007

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At least one-fifth of Your Mom is psyched tonight after learning of not one, but two, MONSTER trades that went down in Boston earlier today. We got one of the NBA’s best players (in exchange for half our roster, but whatever) and one of MLB’s premiere relievers.


(photo via Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

The Celtics might actually be relevant again in ’07-’08, which is a HUGE accomplishment for a team that has dwelled at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference for the last 15 years (okay, so we had three playoff seasons during that time, but COME ON). And, thanks to the freaking great combo of Ainge & McHale on this one!


(AP photo)

And, the Sox are totally on track for the post-season. I like the way things are going!

p.s. seeing that smile on Paul Pierce’s face just makes me happy — it’s like a crazy weight has been lifted off him and he doesn’t have to carry this team on his back alone anymore. i mean the kid was stabbed for goodness sake!!


One Response to “It’s a Great Day in Boston!!!!”

  1. your mom Says:

    i would like to say that it’s not just 1/5 of your mom that’s excited, i too am excited. while i am a knicks fan first, i also root for the celtics…it all started with my days in the green room at the fleet center hangin with toines friends…

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