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Bionic Woman Saves Lives . . . And Careers July 17, 2007

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According to CNN, Isaiah Washington, who has recently been voted off Grey’s Anatomy, will be joining the cast of my favorite new drama of the year that I have never seen, the Bionic Woman.  He will be in a five episode arc as the “mysterious man who always says unfortunate things at the wrong time, like when he is on live national TV.”  I was ambivalent about him being fired from Grey’s.  Is it an example of an employer being responsible?  (I mean, if I said what he said at a meeting, I would get ^$%# canned!)  Or is it an example of a network bowing to unhinged public opinion after much ado is made about something?  Now, we have to debate whether someone who has said a right naughty word in a public setting deserves to have a second (third) chance.  Thoughts?

More importantly, how is this going to affect my favorite new midseason replacement of the Fall 2005 season?  I feel like Shonda needed Burke in at least one episode to have closure on the Christina/Burke tragedy.  I mean, wouldn’t it have been great to see Sandra Oh acting when she first sees Burke?  I am still bugging out over her last scene in the finale.  Was she relieved?  Destroyed?  Both?  I sure am loving the summer, but I smell Fall Previews in the air and I like it!


One Response to “Bionic Woman Saves Lives . . . And Careers”

  1. iamyourmom Says:

    new fall shows! old fall shows! yay!!

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