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Does anyone really really really wanna zigazig ah? June 28, 2007

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So I think I now have to rejigger my Asia plans so I can become a Spice Girls groupie.  You know, see them in L.A., Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne.  That would certainly be, umm, life changing?  Do you think there’s a book deal in that?

To Care or Not to Care: Spice Girls and ‘According to Jim’ live again!

Spice Girls / SuppliedToday, it’s official: The Spice Girls are reuniting for a world tour (11 dates have been announced, starting Dec. 7 in L.A.), and as you’ll see in the eight-minute video below, no one is more excited about it than… the Spice Girls! Let’s hear from Baby: “The big news is we’re going on tour! Global! Very exciting! A little bit scary! But I can’t wait!”

The five women look fabulous — especially Ginger (still my fave), who claims the fans really brought the Girls back together: “You could almost feel the energy, and the want, and the need for it.” (She also takes some credit herself. After spending time with a few of the Girls, she woke up the next morning and, “I was lying in my bed, and I went, ‘I want to be a Spice Girl!’ And then I went, ‘Ohmygod, I am a Spice Girl!’ I quickly rang Emma, and I went, ‘I want to be a Spice Girl! And she’s like, ‘Me, too!’) The tour, and a greatest hits album, will be overseen by the Spice Girls’ original mastermind, Simon Fuller (American Idol).


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