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Introducing Laurence “Koolaid” Maroney June 22, 2007

Filed under: signs of the apocalypse,Sports — iamyourmom @ 1:29 pm

This is the guy that the team favored by 1/5th of Your Mom is counting on to make an impact this season…




(photos from Koolaid’s Facebook page via Kissing Suzy Kolber via Deadspin)

The pics are great, but it gets better.  These are some of his favorite quotes:

-“wash u ass”
-“bout time we got some construda in dis mothafucka”
-“u begul shitting”
-“Your ass backwards if you chase hoes, chase the cheese they come with the shit.”

Special IAYM shout-out to the Dubie-Bodes clan.


One Response to “Introducing Laurence “Koolaid” Maroney”

  1. Allycat Says:

    Let’s hope he runs with his mouth closed!

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