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Blue Planet Run June 3, 2007

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hilary swank bpr

(photo via BluePlanetRun.org)

On Friday, the Blue Planet Run kicked off at the UN, with Hilary Swank in attendance. Your Mom was there lending support — and working. Kaplow is running global PR for the run! The Run’s mission is to create global awareness of the world’s safe drinking water crisis, and mobilize citizens of the world to solve the problem, today. One sixth of our fellow human beings on Earth do not have daily, immediate access to the most basic of necessities: safe drinking water!!

Check out the website — there’s a lot of good info. And, if you feel compelled to help out, check out this page for options on how to join.

Some of Your Mom’s colleagues will be traveling along the global race route with the runners — how cool!! Danielle will hit Prague and Moscow later this month.


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