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Ben is Nice. June 3, 2007

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One of Your Mom’s favorite celebs (because he’s cute, married Sydney Bristow, and roots for the Red Sox) is a really good guy.  Ben Affleck befriended a kid with a degenerative neurological disease from Virginia when he was there shooting Forces of Nature in ’99.  On Friday, Joe Kindregan got to introduce Ben as the commencement speaker at his high school graduation.  Tres cool.

ben joe

(via Perez Hilton)


2 Responses to “Ben is Nice.”

  1. bellabaise Says:

    Thanks IAYM for posting such a rewarding story. Glad to see BA being such a good person. IAYM loves him!
    xx and oo from HK!

  2. davissn30 Says:

    Again with the official blog endorsements! We need to have a board meeting to set some parameters for such bold statements.

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