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S.H.D. F.O.R? May 10, 2007

Filed under: Television and Movies — davissn30 @ 6:31 pm

Renee of America's Next Top Model poses for her aboriginal culture (Flight of the Butterfly) photo shoot.The CW/Kane Skennar/Pottle Productions Inc. - Thursday, May, 10, 2007, 7:10 PMWhat happened to me?  Last night I found myself rooting for Renee?  Renee, who not a month ago was on my list of least favorite celeb-real-ties of all times.  Up there Vincent from PR and anyone from any Real World after New Orleans.  But when she got up to her Aboriginal Dance/Storytelling, I knew she was going to win because she is smarter and more invested than any of the other girls.  And — here’s the weird thing — I really wanted her to win! 

Fortunately, I am not alone as a newby F.O.R (Friend of Renee).  The TV watcher at Entertainment Weekly, who historically had been a fellow Renee Hater, said this week:

As for Renee, I’m loving her more and more. She’s definitely the smartest and most intuitive of the final contestants. At the beginning of this ep, she noted that when a girl gets in front of the panel for their photo critique and the judges don’t say anything, ”That’s when you know that it’s coming to you, because they’re trying to figure out why they don’t like it.” Ha. She’s right.

So, Renee, you go with your passive aggressive self.  You pose, girl.  Do it for your poor husband.  Do it for your baby that you mention only when you need sympathy.  Do it for me! 


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