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Boo. Hiss. May 3, 2007

Filed under: Sports,Tom Brady — iamyourmom @ 4:32 pm

It’s been a while since we’ve shown any Tom Brady love. And, now Tom isn’t giving us (ex-)Bostonians any love either. He was photographed in NYC recently in a Yankees hat — the horror!

brady yankees

(INF photo via the Boston Herald’s Inside Track)

Edited to add this awesome quote by Red Sox spokesman Dr. Charles Steinberg:

“We know that Tom has an array of Red Sox caps from which to choose. But we fully respect that he needed to wear a suitable disguise for his own health and protection. We don’t doubt that he’s a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.” 


One Response to “Boo. Hiss.”

  1. your mom Says:

    yes that must be it…it’s a disguise…the fact that he’s holding gisele’s hand doesn’t give anything away.

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