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Wills and Kate call it quits April 14, 2007

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Prince William Is Reported to Be Single Again

Middleton and Prince William have ended their four-year relationship, a decision that surprised palace-watchers and disappointed monarchists hoping for a glamorous royal wedding to rival that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. . . .

The Sun newspaper reported the breakup Saturday in a front-page story, saying the couple had reached an ”amicable agreement” to separate. . . .

The news took many royal-watchers by surprise. It was widely thought the couple would soon announce their engagement; one bookmaker was so certain of a royal wedding it stopped taking bets on it earlier this year. The retail chain Woolworths had commissioned mugs, plates and other Wills-and-Kate memorabilia, despite the absence of a formal engagement. . . .

Some held out hope for a happy ending.

”Let’s not rule out a reconciliation when he realizes what he has lost,” said Judy Wade, veteran royal correspondent for Hello! magazine.

Others were glad to see the end of the affair.

”He deserves better,” said 13-year-old Jessica Davis. ”I think Prince William should marry me.”


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