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3 out of 4 experts agree March 26, 2007

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ABC’s late-mid-season October Road is not good.  With apologies to Lannie, houseguest-extraordinaire, who has brand new appliances, I totally agree with the below.  Why take off the sassy Men in Trees (which has hotter men and prettier scenery) for this?  It’s depressing: famous one-hit wonder writer hates his life in NYC, so goes home to small-town Massaschusetts where everyone hates their life.  Plus, unlike what the reviewer below says, the music is all wrong.  I mean, I love “Every Rose” as much as, well, probably a little less than Cliff, but I wholeheartedly support its use in a TV show.  About the 80s.  This is supposed to be about a guy who graduated high school in 1997.  Now, music in 1997 sucked on ice (Semi-Charmed Life? Wannabe?), but a little accuracy never hurt anyone.  Bring back Sex in the Wilderness, ABC. 

[Query whether or not I will continue to watch simply because it is on.  Bodies at rest, and all.]

from ew.com

Snap Judgment: ‘October Road’

October_l I’ve watched both episodes of October Road, and I honestly think the only two reasons for this are: 1) I like shows about writers with egos and 2) I. LOVE. FOLIAGE! The promos, the show’s little orange-garlanded logo on ABC.com, the road itself… everything is in earth tones. On October Road, it is always autumn, which I find magical! Really. I’m obsessed with leaves and there are so many in the show. Plus, quaint college town! Awww, college! I’m a moron.

The show’s pretty bad. None of the story lines make much sense — last night’s ep had “famous novelist” and grown man Nick (Bryan Greenberg, pictured) tossing pebbles at a college dean’s bedroom window, then serenading her with “Where Is Love?” from Oliver. There was some nonsense about a talking raccoon named Ralph, which made me want to… you know. And the lines… oh, the lines. At one point, we were treated to a list of items that are cold! Igloo. Polar bear. This show, despite the beautiful, beautiful leaves.

I should give it some credit, though, for the song selection. Last night offered montages of both Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender” and Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” If you turn off the video portion of this experience, it’s actually a pretty good show! Plus last night provided my catchphrase for the weekend: “Right. And I eat corn dogs for the corn.” Because I do. I even have corn-on- the-cob earrings.


One Response to “3 out of 4 experts agree”

  1. Lannie (houseguest extraordinaire) Says:

    I’m confused, i have new appliances?

    Anyways, I’m stickin to my guns on this one. I still like it AND I like the music. so there!

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