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Baby Madness March 22, 2007

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Front PageBased on his earlier comment, I thought IAYM reader Corey would appreciate the cover of today’s NY post.  For the title, I tried to think of some clever 60’s protest song about black babies or white men or something, like Neil Young’s Southern Man but called White Man — perhaps a blues song called Why Does The Man Steal Babies — but nothing sprang to mind.  Soul Baby?  Black Like My Baby?  Unfortunately, all I could think of was Little Black Sambo (thanks to my Southern upbringing and the episode of Extras where Maggie accidentally acts racist).  Of course, the title character there is Indian, so I could also manage to insult Your Mom.  At any rate, I went for bland and non-controversial.

UPDATE:  This is even better.  I thought the article was social commentary on rich white Americans adopting foreign babies.  But it’s about a fertility clinic screw up (a la Desparate Housewives), wherein a pregnant Hispanic woman and her white husband were surprised when their baby was black.  A lawsuit has ensued.  The parents claim that the girl will suffer to physical and emotional illness as a result of not being the same race as her parents and siblings.  You tell me, IAYM readers, from what is she more likely to suffer physical and emotional illness: not being white or have her parents sue someone because she is not white.  (On a side note: Their lawyer’s name is Howard Stern.  I need to know the middle initial, please. )  At any rate, the juxtaposition of Angelina and Pax Thien and this story is just too riff with societal implications for me to digest. 


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  1. iamyourmom Says:

    I like that davissn30 does the thinking for the rest of us.

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