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For Alcoholics on the go March 21, 2007

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First, it was cans with straws, and now its juice boxes. Pretty soon, we will be sucking wine out of baby bottles. Oh, wait, we already can.

Hmm, or maybe I should start out saying: First, they told me it was okay to drink Rose, and now boxed wines are the new rage? What’s next, the resurgence of double denim? Oh, wait, too late.

From the NY Times:

Juice Boxes, the Adult Kind

Should you crave something stronger than apple juice or chocolate milk to go into your box lunch, there are now individual Tetra Pak boxes of wine. Three Thieves Bandit wines from California — a refreshingly tart pinot grigio and a fruity, young cabernet sauvignon — are being sold in handy 250-milliliter boxes (about 8.5 ounces), in packs of two and four. There is also a white zinfandel that may be drinkable, very cold, at the beach in a couple of months. All that’s missing is a straw. They are sold at Best Cellars in Manhattan in packs of two ($6) or four ($12). A pack of four sells for $7.49 at Red White & Bubbly in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and for $10 at threethieves.com.

Click here for a review of some different boxed wines.

P.S. Re: the link to the double denim. Seems the good people over at fabsugar.com are a little forgetful: “It seems like the perfect little denim jacket will never go out of style.” Hmm, remember the 90’s? Heck, remember 2003?

UPDATED to add that SuperTarget carries Tetra packs too!


One Response to “For Alcoholics on the go”

  1. Main Dish Says:

    Oh, joy! I’m SAVED!!! The wine geax-cup has finally arrived. I can drink and drive and the liklihood of me spilling the delish juice of aged grapes is greatly reduced. I’m a new woman. I simply can’t wait to tell all my divas!

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