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Fingers on the Pulse, people. Fingers on the pulse. March 13, 2007

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Per our debate last night over the new Gap ad, see the EW.com Popwatch blog entry below.  It hits on many of the points we discussed last night, including the “those pants would look terrible on me because I have plenteous child-bearing hips” theme, though not the “we hate Claire Danes” factor or the “did she sleep with a gay man after getting entwined with the evil Billy Crudup when his girlfriend was 8 months pregnant” thing.  But IAYM still maintains that this ad is cute and that Patrick Wilson is hot when he is not a homophobic Mormon. 

Gap ads are fun again!

Gap_l Have you seen Gap’s cutesy commercial for the ”new” Boyfriend Trouser starring Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson, the handsome fallen football hero from Little Children? (Although, let’s be real, can we call them new? I feel like every time I walk into that store I see some khakis like these, oh and I always see these too.) Turns out Angela Chase has been rediscovering her dance background in the last couple years, while Wilson is an accomplished Broadway performer, so it makes sense. This reminds me of those great Gap ads from back in the day that featured swing-dancing models and group singalongs to “Mellow Yellow”(look for then-unknowns Rashida Jones and Monet Mazur in this one). Unfortunately, however clever and charming an ad this may be (it was directed by Jonathan Datyon and Valerie Faris, the husband-wife directors of Little Miss Sunshine), it does not inspire me to buy these pants. (The baggy look isn’t very booty-friendly.) Still, it’s time to ask: Is Gap bringing their awesome ads back?


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