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Buffy Turns 10. I rethink how old I am. March 9, 2007

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Buffy will always have a special place in my heart, that place in my heart that is full of love, full full of happy TV love.  I remember the very first episode I saw summer of 1997 (the one where they are stuck in some kid’s wacky [not-Broadway] nightmare).  It scared the pants off of me.  I had never been afraid of clowns before, but that scary clown, not to mention the super-scary club-hand guy. . .  Good stuff.  Plus, in the end, it was all metaphor for child abuse.  Brilliant.  And that wasn’t even the best episode, not even in the top 10!  Hush, or The Body (I bet I would cry still today even though I’ve seen it 3 times), or The Musical, or anything with evil Willow (either the bisexual vampire or lesbian witch will do just fine).  Sigh, how I miss you Buffy.  And Joss.  Nothing new from him since Firefly, and now with the no Wonder Woman . . .  I think I am going to have get the Buffy comic books, err, graphic novels.  Damn you, Buffy, for turning me into a fangirl!  Damn you!  Just kidding.  Love you.  Miss you.  Kisses. 

Happy 10th anniversary, ‘Buffy!’

Buffy_l Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the debut, on the then-struggling WB network, of a series based on a flop movie, a drama whose best-known star was the Taster’s Choice coffee guy. You don’t really need PopWatch to tell you what a milestone the debut of Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned out to be, how overwhelmingly the show exceeded expectations and beat the odds, or how tremendous an influence the series had throughout pop culture. (If you do need a reminder of Buffy‘s legacy, check out this article.) . . .

(from ew.com)


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