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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Controls $144 Billion; Declines To Shell Out An Additional $10 At Kinko’s To Have Them Proofread His Business Cards March 1, 2007

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It hasn’t exactly been a stellar day over at Google headquarters. First, the hot lunch was described as “tepid at best” by engineers at the Googleplex cafeteria. And now comes damning evidence that Google CEO and Chairman (sp?) Eric Schmidt is carrying around a typo-laden business card.

Thankfully, some super sleuth bloggers caught the error right away, and came up with several plausible inventive theories as to how this grave error may have occurred:

• It’s rumored Google (GOOG) has been working on a form of communication, called “Googlish,” to replace all the world’s languages. It has its own grammar, vocabulary, and spelling rules, such as “I before R except after A.” That’s why “Chairman” appears as “Chariman”.• Google uses challenging math problems such as “first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e” to lure bright new potential employees. The typo on Schmidt’s business card is that kind of test: spot it, solve it, get a job.

Then, of course, there’s our personal favorite:

• Googling “Chariman” produces 238,000 responses. “Chariman” is a title appearing with some frequency in organizations; a Mr. Fravel is Chariman of the NTRA Board of Directors, and the Chariman of Hyundai was recently indicted for embezzlement. The bosses of two major league baseball teams (the Mets and Cardinals) show the title of “Chariman.” Maybe Schmidt actually is Chariman of Google.

Of course, whatever the reason, we find the mistake highly entertaining. And, supposing the typo really is, in fact, some sort of litmus test, we’d like to say hats off to Google.

Oh, and, um, we’ll be happy to accept that job offer anytime now.

Bellabaise says: I would never make this mistake. In fact, I caught a mistake on the front page of the NYTIMES Style section last Sunday in a Gucci ad. 🙂


4 Responses to “Google CEO Eric Schmidt Controls $144 Billion; Declines To Shell Out An Additional $10 At Kinko’s To Have Them Proofread His Business Cards”

  1. your mom Says:

    who is bellabaise? is ‘bellabaise’ authorized to post? 🙂

    good work jen!

  2. iamyourmom Says:

    Bellabaise is Jen!!!

  3. davissn30 Says:

    Yea for the post! But never say never! Pride goeth before a typo!

  4. your mom Says:

    i know it’s jen – it was a joke!!

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