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IAYM asks, “There was a game on?” February 5, 2007

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[Note: This entry is chock-a-block with links.  Relive the Super Bowl ad highlights again and again with IAYM.]

As we discussed last night, I was pretty disappointed in the advertisements during the game last night.  At every commercial break, I eagerly awaited the genius of commercials from yesteryear (read: when dot.coms thought spending all their capital on a commercial was a good idea — see below), but was not always happy with the results.  The best was definitely the Ex-Fed ad (not to be confused with the Fed-Ex ad, which was so-so), but I had already seen it, like, a million times on the news. 

There were a few bright spots, many of which are discussed in a pretty good NY Times article (only pretty good because they drop the ball on several commercials — dude, that Snapple commercial is older than I am).  It does, for example, put the smackdown on the terrible Revlon ad with Sheryl Crow (no link cause that ad blew).  Plus, it praises the Budweiser mutt ad, which, much like The Notebook, made Cliff cry. 

I had to include one thing from the article, because it was exactly what I said last night about the Prudential ad (sorry, no link).

Then, too, there was the unfortunate homonym at the heart of a commercial from Prudential Financial, titled “What Can a Rock Do?”

The problem with the spot, created internally at Prudential, was that whenever the announcer said, “a rock” — invoking the Prudential logo, the rock of Gibraltar — it sounded as if he were saying, yes, “Iraq.”

Finally, where was I when these ads were on?  










Interesting side note: We knew that the Doritos car crash ad (which I liked very much)was made by a non-professional, but the less good one about the lady in the check-out line was too.  So was the good one for the N.F.L. with Brett Fav-ra and the Chevy one with men stripping (which is funnier on 2nd viewing since it didn’t make sense the 1st time).

All right, kids, any good ones that I missed? 


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