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Limoncello – Everyone else is doing it January 31, 2007

Filed under: Food & Drink — davissn30 @ 4:16 pm

We have all heard about Danny Devito’s rant induced by everyone’s favorite chilled Italian lemon liquor.  But now Avril is saying the elixir inspired her song writing.  (Query: good thing or bad?)  What is up with the rash of Limoncello drinking all of a sudden?  I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I was drinking the stuff YEARS ago. 

But why does everyone insist on drinking it to excess?  At the height of my Limoncello drinking days, I could only ever handle a few small glasses of it, sipped slowly.  Plus, I can’t imagine what kind of hangover it would induce. 

If anyone wants to find out, I got two bottles of the stuff chilling in the fridge at Casa Vanarah (which is infinitely more catchy than Apartamento Saradana or Place d’ Balavis or Chez Davichandar).

Or we could just ask this guy how much he yakked the next day.

[Update – Answer: you puke a lot]


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