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Another sign that Liz has her fingers on the pulse November 19, 2006

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According to an article in Variety (with a snarky, post-ironic title: “VHS, 30, dies of VHS RIPloneliness”), studios and retailers have colluded to put a nail in the coffin of the VCRs and videotapes everywhere.  No one should be surprised by this because only recently Liz made me take my VCR out from the “entertainment center” (i.e. cheap faux wood shelving unit) and store it under my bed.  Frankly, it has been of little use since we lost Can’t Hardly Wait and since Buffy came out on DVD so I could throw away the 20 tapes I made when Buffy aired non-stop on FX back in aught 2 (sadly, not a joke) . 

Though the VCR continues to be the only way we can learn about The NBA at 50, so it may have periodic revivals.  But for the most part, it has now become a footnote in the ever evolving world of media, albeit a much, much longer footnote that Beta or laserdisks. 

To ready more on this sad development, click here


3 Responses to “Another sign that Liz has her fingers on the pulse”

  1. Katie Says:

    Just last week I went to buy blank VHS tapes because I’m not up with the times of getting a DVR. So my old fashioned TIVO can only tape one thing at a time. This sucks because the OC is on during Grey’s. I made the call on Sunday to get a DVR, so I think I’ll live…it’s getting set up in a week…Can’t wait!

  2. davissn30 Says:

    Katie – FYI, If you can wait until Friday, they normally show Grey’s again then… Also, episodes of the OC are allegedly available on My Space.

  3. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the insight Sarah…I definitely can’t wait until Friday to see McDreamy…but it’s a good thought. You guys would blow it anyways on this blog if anything good happened…I’ll have my good set up on Tuesday, I’m PSYCHED!

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