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David Blaine Doing a stunt in NYC with Tar-Jay?? November 15, 2006

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Check out this scoop on a new David Blaine stunt in NYC with Target — next week in Times Square — after the Jump!Blaine



WHAT/WHO: This Thanksgiving, Target is presenting David Blaine — the world’s greatest endurance artist and magician — with one of his biggest challenges yet. As part of his challenge, he will attempt to escape from shackles while dangling four stories above Times Square in time for the Target 2-Day Sale.

Target and David Blaine are joining together to present this event to benefit The Salvation Army and kick-off a dazzling holiday shopping season. If David Blaine successfully completes this feat, 100 deserving children will have a surprising and unforgettable start to the Christmas season.

Target and David Blaine will reveal the closely guarded details of Blaine’s new challenge at this not-to-be-missed press conference.

David Blaine and John Remington, VP of Events Marketing and Communications for Target will meet the press on Friday, November 17 to take the wraps off of Blaine’s new challenge.

WHEN: Friday, November 17
WHERE: 11:00 a.m.
West 46th Street
(A lot on the south side of the street between
Broadway and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY

VISUAL: * The location of David Blaine’s next extraordinary challenge
* Q&A with David Blaine
* Q&A with John Remington of Target

SUMMARY: * The day after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Only a stunt on the world’s biggest stage is spectacular enough to kick off the Target 2-Day Sale.
* Target has partnered with The Salvation Army to specially select 100 deserving children who will benefit from Blaine’s successful completion of this challenge.
* David Blaine has accepted this challenge as a way to give back to The Salvation Army, an organization that had memorable impact on him as a child.


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  1. davissn30 Says:

    Who knew? (IAYM knew.)

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