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My O.O.O.C Face November 3, 2006

Filed under: Television and Movies — davissn30 @ 10:59 am


Act I: Excellent use of remade Kate Bush song.  Gives it a whole desparate angry, slightly drugged out feel.  Angry Ryan, where have you been?  Straight A Ryan was so boring.  Sandy out of water — best TV dad ever.  Julie with the stash.  Love the intrigue about why she can’t drive at night.  P.S. Hot boots Kaitlyn, I was just thinking about thigh high boots.  And, yes, excellent end at the Mermaid Inn.

Act II: Seth gives good background.  Gasp, Summer erases his message.  Seth makes little girl cry. Awesome.  Chicken Lovers of the World Unite.  Very excellent lighting in the shady Fight Club bar.

Act III: Sandy takes things — no Seth goes after Ryan to Fight Club bar.  Ahh, we finally see the Stepmonster.   At least her back.  Shit, end of Fight Club now ruined for me.  Totally should have seen it sooner.

Act IV: Kaitlyn, more concerned with boots than her.  I like where her heads at.  Rally up your geek army.  Ahh, with the Kate Bush song again.  Hmm, not so much Angry Ryan as Dead On The Inside Ryan.  DOTIR.  Which is a lot like dottie, which is kinda what he is.

Act V: Gasp, he really did cheat on her with the Stepmonster!  Haha, origin stories are hot right now. Oh no, DOTIR looks like he is ebbing back just to Angry Ryan. Pretty soon, he’ll be Middle Class Ryan all over again.  Awkward Seth and Summer?  Not digging it.  And she leaves without saying goodbye. Way harsh, Ty.  Hmm, I think Angry Ryan is here for the longevity.

Final thoughts: Good music, lots of intrigue, if next week is half as good, things are looking up!


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